Singapore Blog Awards Night

Update: Congrats QiQi from Canberra rd, the ettusais mascara will be sent to you today. Thank you everyone for taking part I hope to bring more little contests to you soon.

Those who took part in the INQ mobile competition a week ago... Singtel is still deciding on the winner, will keep you updated asap.


Ever since this pic was tagged on Facebook, people have been emailing to ask if he's my new BF. I don't move THAT fast guys! It's my friend John.... known him like a decade, and he's very dear to me. But yeah, sorry to kill the excitement, but not my BF lah.
It was my first time attending the Blog Awards on Sept 16. The whole event was well put togther. Only one gripe (apart from the fact that I didn't win. haha); the food was absolutely crap. Appalling for SupperClub standards.
There was cheapie bruchetta with a bit of tomato and cheese, and spaghetti in a chinese takeaway box. Very novel packaging, but tasted like wax (cold and stiff).
But the mood and ambiance was cool. And everything ran like clockwork. Thank you John for being my date for the night (and I'm so sorry I was late.. taxi driver's fault)!
Special thanks to Lingerie Plaza for my Cute Pokie dotie lingerie, ettusais for my make up, Annyee for my pretty stilleto heels and Komachi for bringing my hair back to fab condition.


  1. Anonymous10:20 am

    hello! you left early! you're suppose to win best dressed that night with this stunning outfit! lol

    - hock chuan

  2. skank watcher2:33 pm

    found new angmo on internet ?? u escort too ?

  3. Who? John????

    my readers know that I've known John for about 10 freaking years.


    If you searcch "John" using the search blog function above, you'll probably find stuff abt him from the past.

    He's not like a new guy I'm dating or fished off the internet.

  4. to Hock Chuan.. ahhhh?? issit? I didn't know. i thought finish already. lol

  5. Anonymous5:10 pm

    You have a thing for Ang Mohs??!!

    It might just be the reason why you keep failing.

  6. But I've also have Sg chinese and Indian Bfs before. Also failed.

    now what?

    stop going for men altogether??

  7. Anonymous5:36 pm

    In a relationship, it's takes two to work. Even if it fail, it involves two also so it does not matter whether your are black,white or yellow! Get the drift?!

  8. anon 5.36 -yes yes.. i do understand.

    My response above was meant for anon5.10, who said tht I keep failing BECAUSE i date white men.

  9. Anonymous6:25 pm

    My messages are meant for anonymous5.10 also.

    Sorry if you have been misunderstood. I should have state clearly.

    On another note, being a prominent blogger in sg and having public blog have the tendency to invite morons to leave behing crude remarks. Figure.

  10. hollyjean8:50 pm

    okie. :) sorry for the misunderstanding

  11. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Curious, wearing Lingerie as going out clothes is ok? Therefore going out in your underwear is ok?


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