Singapore Blog Awards After Party: You're Invited!

Mood: Very Happy
Can't tell you why yet.
But here are some miscellaneous updates.

You're invited to The Blog Awards After Party
As you all know, The Blog Awards will be held later this evening..

Venue sponsor, Supperclub Singapore would like to extend an invitation to all blog readers and other fellow bloggers to the Singapore Blog Awards After Party which starts after 10pm (16 Sep, Wed).

Cover/entrance charges will be WAIVED if they present the secret password "next generation" at the door.

House pours will be 1-for-1 all night long [*glug* *glug* *glug*] and Moet @ S$100 nett.


Since it's a bedroom theme, I'm not going to do anything fancy with my hair even though Komachi the HairCult kindly offered to style my hair for the evening. So, instead, I went down to their salon at Liang Court (River Valley Rd) earlier today to try out their hair treatment.
They did a milkshake treatment for me. The experience was simply devine! Started off with a relaxing scalp massage and hair wash. Then the milk treatment (natural enough for you to be able to eat it!) and steam. Lastly, they trimmed my fringe a bit for me.
Komachi is a Japanese hair salon and the stylists are all Japanese. I enjoyed my experience there as the place is relaxing (they even have a private massage/spa like room), and the service excellent.
I asked them a bunch of questions regarding hair care too. Will tell you more about all that at the end of the week!
For now... Good Night! :)


  1. Anonymous9:16 am

    Do tell us soon why your mood is very happy!

    Is it love related???

  2. patch up with Mark already?.Congratulations..

  3. Huh..? No didn't get back with Mark.


  4. nosey5:11 pm

    they tell you already you won the blog award ?

  5. to nosey - no la. I was tweeting from the blog awards itself.

  6. so why your mood is very happy then ? New guy ???

  7. not really new guy.. as nothing is confirmed yet. am just takin it easy with regards to relationships

    But I do feel like a new person. weight off my shoulders, and can't wait to see what's out there for me.

  8. is it the guy we saw tag pic of you at blog awards on f/b with !!! ....???

  9. haha.. tht's my friend John

  10. Anonymous5:56 am

    pretty cool stuff here thank you!!!!!!!

  11. Anonymous12:33 pm

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