INQmobile Contest for My Readers (cash & vouchers)

I've always been asking for your support when I'm in any contest.

Now it's time for me to return the favour.
One lucky reader from my blog will win $100 cash AND $100 Shopping voucher. Yay! :)
What have you got to lose? Do take part. (Read on for more details)
INQ is the world's first social mobile... it's not available in Singapore (yet). Until now, I never knew a social mobile even existed! I can't wait for it to come. Look!
And it's a social mobile because with this phone, you can use SKYPE, instant messaging is as easy as SMS, a great camera, use the twitter application and it consolidates all your inboxes (Facebook/emails etc) into one list. I use all those applications everyday so it's great to have one device (other than my computer itself) that can support and organise all of it. It's going to make my life much more organised, I can blog, use my messenger and respond to direct tweets/ facebook messages anytime.
Not only can you log in to your Facebook account on this phone but there's even a real time Facebook screensaver!

Yet it doesn't have to be big ass bulky like most phones now, there's the compact and colourful INQ Mini 3G (102.9mm x 45.8mm x 12.8mm). This phone offers impressive capability at a fraction of the price of other application-rich devices. I want!!!! Instructions for the contest: (Looks long but actually very simple steps, just take a few mins to read first)

i. Go find out more about INQmobile from their website –
ii. Post a comment below this post about what you like about the phones
by INQmobile
iii. Tweet, plurk and/or facebook update about this contest I am running
and get more chances of winning! The more you spread this, the more
chances you’ll get to win in the draw!

Just copy & paste this in your tweet/ plurk/ facebook update:
I discovered a new phone on @hollyjean69! Go check it out and you
may win $200 cash + voucher! Details at #INQmobile

iv. Please include the following details in your comments if you have them
so that we can up your winning chances:
Twitter ID:
Plurk ID:
Facebook URL:

v. Please don’t forget to include a valid email address in the “Email” field
when you comment so that I can contact you if you are the winner. Winner from my blog gets $100 Cash + $100 Shopping Voucher.

Contest period: 7 Sept to 14 Sept (2359hrs).
This contest is only for Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents only.


On top of that, there are 10 blogs in Singapore chosen to run this contest. And on 15th September, all contest entries submitted from all ten blogs will enter a grand
draw where one winner will win $500 CASH. :)
Good Luck everyone!UPdate: If ur having trouble signing in or dont have a blogger acct, u an also just leave your email address/ name within the message. No problem, as long as I can see it shld I need to contact you for the prize.


  1. Hi guys, this is an example of what your entry should look like:

    You can even copy this format if you want.

    I like the applications such as Facbook and Twitter on the phone as well as the size of the INQ mobile.

    Twitter ID: hollyjean69
    Facebook URL:


    And the all I do after this is spread the news of this contest thrugh my facebook and twitter in order to increase my chances of winning.

    Oh, if you don't have a blogger log in, please dont use Anonymous! Use the Name/URL option and leave your email address instead of URL. :)

  2. It's hard to establish a discontinuity between technology and social media these days, with the both of them being successfully-evolved phenomenon in their own right. With that being said, I must admit that I completely believe in communication through various social networks - updating my blog, Facebook and Twitter daily are profoundly customary. However, I often find myself subjected to the inconvenience of having the need to do all those through a computer that I can't have with me all the time or limited creativity with a handphone.

    So can you imagine my surprise when I saw INQ¹ being introduced on Holly Jean’s Twitter and Blog? I was immediately drawn towards the idea of having a ‘social mobile’ that would allow me to place myself on communication networks without hassle; I even found the term very appropriately coined on so many levels! I really love how it definitely helps you to make your presence felt on various online social networking portals with its convenient tools, and at the same time, because it looks so stylish with its cool black and red ensemble (my favourite colours too!), it would definitely draw attention from people around you and become a topic of conversation.

    After further browsing through the site, which is really reader-friendly by the way, I was immediately sold by the INQ¹. I mean the functions are incredible! Whoever thought that Instant Messaging can be done like sending a SMS, Facebook can be used as a screensaver (Now I can look through my friends’ updates all day long) and (I’ve been using this online music radio for the longest time) as a built in function with the music player. On top of all these, I really find the colourful Clear Menus very attractive on top of their easy navigation.

    Being a rather petite girl myself, I always find big and bulky phones clashing with my image personally, thus, I was pleasantly surprised that a phone with so many wonderful functions can come in such a friendly size via the INQ Mini 3G. Seriously great!

    At this point, of course I am already thinking that such a fabulous phone would definitely be bad for my pockets (I mean seriously, my current phone at less than half the awesomeness of INQ already cost me a bomb!), I am shocked to learn that it would be offered at a price that’s way more pocket-friendly than other somewhat similar phones in the market. Seriously very, very happy to know this! Thus, in all honestly, I’m not only sold, but completely left in anticipation for its arrival into the Singapore market.

    Thank you, Makers of INQmobile and Holly Jean, for giving me the opportunity to know about such a wonderful mobile phone (and most likely to be an owner of one in the future). For someone who does not like superlatives as a whole, I think I have completely outdone myself with the amount of compliments that are laden with loaded expressions I’ve been giving this entire time. This goes to show how much I think of it as the smartest and most consumer-friendly of all technology I’ve ever seen in the market. Now I really can’t wait for it to arrive!

    Twitter ID: lasttigerlily
    Facebook URL:

  3. Twitter application seems so awesome!!! The keypads style on the phone are my fave (:

    Twitter ID: bellovessnowy
    Facebook URL:

  4. wow Tiger! what an impressive entry!

    Bel- Yes... I love keypad phones.

  5. crappie_Ivan@hotmail.com1:43 pm

    Internet is definetly my source of news and stuffs. Not only i can access MSN, i can also use skype!

    Weight is very important as it MUST be portable, and INQ phones are slim and lightweight! Its just like a portable computer!

    Facebook URL:

  6. Jason/ pinkmaomao@gmail.com1:49 pm

    Woah! Why hasnt anyone thought of doing this earlier? What's not to love?!?!?

    Email? check!
    Skype? check!
    MSN? check!
    Facebook? check!
    Twitter? check!
    3G? check!
    All in shortcuts!
    That would really be an easy one-stop gizmo for the social networker on the go. Stayin connected is redefined once again.

    I know of some of my friends who would really be psyched about this, gotta tell them.

    Will definitely wanna get my hands on one when its out. This would so help!

    TwitterID: pinkmaomao

  7. Shawn/ spritemonkey@hotmail.com2:00 pm

    Price. I check the Over seas website and this phone is much cheaper that all the Smart phones. This is great as I wun pay $600 or $700 for some stupid blackberry.

    Twitter: Spmmk123

  8. Kenny Tan3:22 pm

    I never really use twitter or facebook as its too much of a hassle, or rather Im too lazy. But msn,mails,skype and sms are stuff that i cannot live without.

    Well maybe with this all in one device, it could get me started! This social device would definitely be well loved by all the "hardcore" users.

    I wouldn't mind using this phone and thanks for reminding me to do this !


  9. Well, with such rapid technological advancements these days, its really hard to keep up. But then again, thats how many of the items came up. For instance, there's the laptop, which was kind of like an "improved version" of desktops (which cant be brought around easily.) which is more compact than the conventional PCs, but still serves the same purpose.

    Even then, early laptops were bulky and heavy, unlike now where the majority of them weigh less than 2kg. But well nothing's ever enough for us humans. Now there comes the netbook, evolving from compact laptops. Even though laptops are so much lighter and compact than desktops, some still found it too much to carry about.

    And I guess thats how netbooks came about.

    What are they for? Checking of emails, replying of emails? Not just so I suppose. I am sure, that if you have a netbook, you'll use it to update your facebook status and tweet about your life. I mean, why not since its so convenient!

    And the best example? Xiaxue bought her netbook to play pets society!

    In short, all these just shows how much technology is in our life these days. Come on, lets face it, how many of you can live without going online for a week? I doubt there are many. Lets not even mention facebook and twitter, which are becoming so much of a phenomenon these days.

    I always believed that one day, some phone designers are going to incorporate all of our favourite applications into a phone since humans are always improving. A netbook is simply not enough. Still too bulky. At least for me.

    So when I saw what Holly posted on her blog and twitter, you cant imagine how excited I was about it. I mean, a "social mobile"? I believe it would be a great hit with us teenagers even if it comes with a hefty price tag. I mean, frankly, look at teenagers these days. The phones some of them are carrying are well more expensive than what many adults are carrying.(Not me though! :( )

    What makes this even more attractive is the affordable price and the functions that comes with it. And ohhh! They also have a miniature one, which would definitely be a hit with petite girls like us! Their wonderful-ness is furthered justified by all the awards INQ has been given! Truly marvelous.

    As for what functions INQ¹ has, basically it caters to everything I as a typical teenager use. Twitter, facebook, emails. What makes it even better is the fact that your screensaver can be the facebook main page which is dynamic. Not the dead ones which just shows what it seems to show. But one that changes according to whatever your friends post and things like that.

    As quoted from the site, "Instant messaging on INQ¹ is as easy as sending an sms." Need I say more? Instant messaging is so much a part of our lives now. It is definitely going to be of good use to all of us! Well, this saves your sms! (IM is free but sms is not! So the more friends you have online 24/7, the lesser you spend on sms-es! So get more people to buy INQ¹ when it launches!)

    Ok, the incredible-ness of INQ¹ cannot be summarised in this short "essay". You should probably go read about it! (The link is at Holly's blog.) I am very sure you would want this phone as bad as I do if you are a avid facebook, twitter and IM fan!

    P/S: I am going to buy it for sure. And pester my boyfriend to buy it as well the moment it gets to Singapore!

    Twitter ID: smile_daphne
    FB URL:
    Plurk ID: smile_daphne

  10. With InQ, I'll be able to facebook whenever i'm awake now instead of checking my facebook only when i'm on my netbook/desktop.

    Being able to MSN on the go means that i'm always connected to my friends (if they're on that is) and that's never a bad thing to have~

    Will get it when it comes (if its not that expensive of course). A great alternative to the Iphone and its apps..~

  11. Switching on my slow laptop its such a hassle....With this new gadget, it allows me to keep track of my Facebook friends, viewing latest status, post, photo just from my phone's contact list
    Gain immediate access to all my e-mail. you name it: Hotmail, Google Mail and even Yahoo Mail.Once I own this phone, I'm looking forward to include important information like world clock, weather forecast to my Home Screen.

    Twitter ID: shashacruz
    Facebook URL:

  12. This is the 1st time I signed up for an online contest. I mean, like, it's simple and easy, so why not take part if you can stand a chance to walk away with $100 Cash + $100 Shopping Voucher? When I first saw the INQ mobile, I wished that I could had the INQ all for myself. The functions, the attractive colours.....

    After browsing the site , I've only got 1 word to describe the INQ¹ : AWESOME

    At INQ they design their software so that it’s easy to update over the air. This means you keep getting improvements and new features to keep the phone bang up to date and running smoothly. No one wants to be left behind.

    The first is dedicated to Windows Live Messenger and will improve stability, speed of login and general battery life. To update, just turn off your INQ¹ and power it up again. A popup box will drive you through the process.

    Instead of bringing your laptop around to cafes, mrt etc., the INQ mobile is a mini device which can be brought around easily by just slipping it into your pocket and taking it out to check for updates. GREAT !

    Enhance the way you use your phone to keep in touch with your friends. Services such as Facebook, Windows Live, Skype and eBay causes us, Humans to stick to our lovely desktop instead of joining your friends for a cup of coffee. But fret not as those services will be available with a touch of a key on INQ and now you can hang out day and night with communication to your online friends!

    Not only I can save text messages and it's also going to make my life much more organised, I can blog, use my messenger and respond to my facebook comments and update my twitter easily.

    Particularly, I love the Camera function.
    Great on-board camera
    Snap and share: the INQ¹ comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera - perfect for your party pics or holiday snaps. And there’s no need to wait to share them with your friends.
    I'm always having trouble with my N95, uploading pictures to my facebook. But now INQ's there for you ! Just point, snap and send your photos straight to your Facebook profile.

    Communication is at the heart of everything we do. We express this in our brand through one of its most striking and creative aspects: art. Not in any lofty way, but in vibrant and streetwise forms: illustration, comics, film - whatever we like really, whatever catches our eye.

    P.S: I wanted to get N97 or an Iphone. But after seeing this phone, I'm having second thoughts about getting N97 or the Iphone!
    Thank you Holly Jean for posting this on your blog to let people know about the INQ mobile and even hosting a competition to stand a chance to win $100 Cash + $100 Shopping Voucher!

    Twitter ID: WeeNee1
    Facebook URL:

  13. its a cute phone first its easy to carry it seen it is slim ,the phone is easy to chat and find what is happening whenever u want and wherever your at and the phones that feature applications which make it fun and practical to stay in touch with your friends and family its good that they do this most the thing i like is u can make using services that’d normally chain you to your desktop, such as Facebook, Windows Live, Skype and eBay, as simple as sending a text. and its really cool and the design so cool is like a normal phone but once u know what this phone can do u will be WOW

  14. Wow….it sound like mobile on the go…

    With this phone, I can connected to facebook, MSN, twitter, my blog anytime, anywhere And instantly can upload pictures onto facebook or to my blog any moment I like!

    Say bye bye to desktop / laptop…Say hello to INQmobile!

  15. thumbs up to this small handy phone with so much exciting features. i lurve it!

  16. gaiana.5:07 pm

    i am honestly amazed at how creative the producers of INQ mobile are, to create a mobile phone that integrates style and social tools! I can predict it's gonna be a hit. Blackberries are for adults(honestly how much uglier can a BB get), INQ mobiles for the trend setting youngsters who dont need those business features yet. Hip-looking blackberry FTW yes? :)

    plurk iD:

  17. Wooh! Nice and handy hand phone! Now I do not need to carry my laptop everywhere to Skype with my siblings overseas or to stay in touch with my friends on Facebook or MSN. It is definitely a new essential accessory that no one should hesitate to get, especially a girl who is always on-the-go like me :D


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