I Love My Body, You Should Love Yours Too!

With the help of a personal trainer, I've been pushing myself harder at the gym than ever before. And I love it!We've been working on building my shoulders and arms recently. Though I really want to only work on abs and legs and bum.... but I guess there's no point in that if my upper body remains scrawny. (Someone actually asked me last night if I had an eating disorder?! You Know Who You Are! Of course I don't. I have a high fat and sugar diet actually. But almost no Carbs, so maybe tht's why I don't bulk up much) This is Jonathan (crazy!) my personal trainer.
I can never be this enthusiastic about exercise... but if I can have my 6 pec showing at the end of the ten personal training sessions...... I'll be a happy girl.

I've been wanting to put swimming back into my routine (esp since I never do cardio at the gym now... hate treadmills and steppers... so incredibly boring!). My chlorine-free hair has been VERY happy over the last month or so.... but I do miss my regular swimming sessions. Maybe I'll just have to bite the bullet and go alone. MAYBE I'll start tomorrow morning. *fingers crossed*

There's a fitness event coming up next month (nothing to do with the gym I go to by the way). I just came across it, and think it'll be fun! Plus it's for the Breast Cancer Foundation. (Go! Pink Ribbon!)
AllShapes is organising an Aerobathon! It's a fun and fit afternoon for women (and Men!) with activities such as body sculpting, yoga and kickboxing!

It's on Saturday, the 17th of October, 8am... at Playground (the old big splash at East Coast). The registration fee is $30 (do your bit for charity!) and you get a free goodie bag worth over $100!

The Programme:

8:00 am: Participants Registration & Goodie Bags Collection
9:00 am: Speeches by Guest of Honors
9:30 am: 4 Key Workouts namely; Bolly Jolly, Kickboxing, Fun Firm and Yoga - 30 mins each
(Suitable for everyone. If you do not want to follow all, you can choose to do only one or two which you prefer. Not a competition.)
11:30 am: Prize Presentation
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm: Bazaar

Always making excuses not to get off your arse and exercise??? This is the perfect opportunity to have a fun morning, try new activities and do your bit for charity.

Register online here or call (65) 6440 9308.


  1. Anonymous7:17 pm

    High fat and sugar diet??!! No kidding...It's excreted immediately?

  2. Anonymous7:21 pm


    It's always unbelievable to people if they see a person who don't gain weight easily. I'm an example. I eat alot and YES i don't gain weight easily but i lose weight easily if i missed a meal or two. I would say I have high metabolism as I get hungry easily in an hour or after I had my proper meal. Or it could be the genetics as my mother is considered slim at her age.

  3. Anonymous7:44 pm

    I think you mean 6 packs. Pecs are short for pectorals - chest muscle in layman terms.

  4. hmmm how i wish i have a bod like urs :)

  5. Anonymous11:27 pm

    Do you have your makeup on when you gym?

  6. no make up.

    but my eyelashes are permanently "made up" as they're extensions.

  7. Anonymous11:23 am

    thanks holly!!

    will be there @ Aerobathon on 17 OCT!

  8. Can i be your personal trainer? LOL

  9. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Hi there,just thought i shared with you that i feel your posts are really informative and interesting and i always look forward to reading them.
    As for the 6 packs your after, im sure you should know that w/o a proper diet supplemented with cardio sessions,its alil difficult for it to show especially in 10 short sessions. But i wish you all the best and hope you can get that ideal body that is appealing to both men and women=)

  10. Anonymous12:12 am

    Hi Holly Jean, may I know where you had your eyelash extensions done? I did mine last week.. and it dropped off.. I also had itchy fingers.. haha. Cos they were unbearably uncomfortable. After a week.. all has dropped off! :(


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