The Formula 1 Night Race

It's been a great weekend. First the F1 Rocks concert (with my best friend F!)... and last night- the F1 night race.BoldA new friend of mine, G, invited me to watch the F1 race with him at AQUA (Click!) , which is a mobile pop-up bar. It's an interesting lifestyle concept... a bar which can be assembled within a day, and can be transported all over the world... like a mobile party venue.
G and his partners started the company Grandstand (Click) , and Aqua is one of their babies. This year, at the F1 venue, the bar was set up just by the flyer.
We were on the third floor of the bar. Which gave us an amazing view of the track. And it was super duper loud! Loved it!
They had a pool too... I would have freaking jumped in if I had my swim suit. The cab driver stopped me at Suntec... and I had to walk all the way to Gate 2... miles... plus it was a gravelly path for the most part (once in the gates), and I had my high heeled boots. Was literally sweating buckets by the time I got there. In case you're asking at this point... where are the pics of the cars Holly Jean??? Did you only go to the F1 to look at that one handsome man??? haha.

Well, my camera is shit, and could not get nice pics. (I'm thinking of buying that pink underwater camera from Fujifilm.. which I think is worse than my current camera. But it's sooo cute!)
The cars were too fast and I was too .... erm retarded. Here's a short video clip... everytime they whizzed past, I snapped either too early or too late!
Hamilton won, as you all probably know by now. I couldn't care less. haa. But the adrenaline and atmosphere of being at the race itself... is fantastic. Think I shocked some people on twitter & facebook last night when I said "OMG! Those fucking engines roar! I could have sex right here" lol.
The F1 is just so damn sexy. Plus, it's a turn on when men are all macho machismo. :)


  1. heyzanie6:28 pm

    I can't agree more - the roars of the engines at F1 is simply sexy. And that's the only place I dun associate roaring engines with "Ah Bengs" ;D

  2. Anonymous7:02 pm

    is tht ur new BF???

    :D wow

  3. Anonymous7:44 pm

    your guy friend is hot!!

  4. Hey HJ... anything MORE than friends going on here???

    You two look like a cute couple. Think you would make great looking kids together!

  5. Anonymous11:21 pm


  6. Anonymous12:40 am

    you are too skinny holly...

  7. Anonymous1:30 am

    Hi Holly,

    You are skinny but pretty!

    Just eat more protein food and more exercises in the gym and build up more muscles in certain parts of the body, in times, you look great!


  8. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Never date someone who owns a bar. They're always bad news.

  9. Anonymous2:11 pm

    I don't know why some people are actually egging you on to hook up with him. Its wrong on so many levels and reflects so terribly about you!

    Don't give me the time to move on bullcrap, we barely got pass mourning.

    All the best anyway.

  10. "WE" barely got past mourning?

    you're not Mark (my ex) so what are you on about??"WE"???

  11. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Ok, go ahead and nitpick on that because you have nothing else to say in general defense ..

    Let me correct it then. The mourning stage has barely passed. I probably meant we as in your readers and yourself since you make everything rather public anyway.

  12. oh... "we" as in the readers and myself are barely past mourning.

    wasn't nitpicking. I honestly thought it was just some smart ass pretending to be Mark and leaving disgruntled comments. But I checked the IP and it wasn't Mark, as he's in Spain at the moment. So I called it out.

    well... I don't feel as if I have to defend myself. But I also do not think that it's too early to be moving on.

    If I find that this guy G is special... and we progress.. then great. ANd he is a good guy.

    But if it doesn't progress or if we start to date other people... so be it, we'll just be friends.

    Do I miss Mark? Yes. And there are moments when it really gets me down... even up to now. But such moments are getting less frequent.

    Do I enjoy being with other men/friends/girls/etc now that I am single? Yes. Is it wrong? Of course not.

  13. Anonymous9:17 pm

    Anon 5:26 PM: Wow, do you even realise it is none of your business AT ALL? How Holly decides to deal with her personal life is entirely up to her. Your comments just sound ridiculously lame and childish.

    You sound like such a judgmental loser with too much time on your hands.

  14. Anonymous2:23 am

    i seh man...hansem la hols... NN

  15. april3:17 am

    I just want to ask/know how you meet guys like that.
    Like that, meaning hot and established, and like that easily.

  16. Great concept there! portable bar~!

  17. Agree that G's hot! Where did you guys meet? Details pls! ;)

  18. Anonymous12:06 am

    I don't understand why that reader said "we" as readers haven't passed the mourning stage? WTH?? It's Holly's life! And Holly is right to say that she can meet new people now that she's SINGLE!

  19. Anonymous10:02 am

    Reply to the above, Anon 2.11 was being sarcastic about it. He/she wasn't implying that we are 'mourning' for Holly en masse. From his/her mindset, the implication is that readers were reading all about Holly Jean's devastating breakup, the tears etc, and he/she feels it was all melodramatic, and suddenly ...the world is right again. Which is defo not a bad thing, but just that there was so much melodrama before all this.
    I'm not going against Holly, I'm just trying to interpret his/her comment. It just kinda bugs me when people don't see the context in which a statement is made.

  20. Anonymous3:23 pm

    wow.. G looks so different with this rugged look rather than the look in a suit and cleanly shaven..

  21. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Where is the pic of him cleanly shaven and suit???

  22. Yeah exactly what suit.


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