Aphrodisiacs Tried & Tested

My latest column on My Fat Pocket is my trial and testing on different aphrodisiacs and whether it had any effect on sex. Of course, this was written when I was still with Mark.... (wasn't testing it with some random man!).

Mark is back from Phuket, but we decided against meeting up today.

The Blog Awards is coming up on Wednesday. (Exactly 2 weeks after the break up). And it should be a happy exciting time for me. But I'm really sad. I always go to events with Mark. But now that we're no longer a couple, I got to learn to let go. Grow. Adapt to new routines. It's hard, I'm resistant. And I loved my old routines so much.

I'm even fighting the urge to ring my friends to ask if I can come over and cook for them. I miss my kitchen.

But I think all that is just auxilliary to the fact that I miss Mark.

I'm going to the Blog Awards with John. But somehow, I feel like a charity case. Like he's only doing it out of pity because he doesn't want me to feel alone :( And he's been a great source of support and strength, especially just after the break up. It's confusing. I got to stop feeling sorry for myself, otherwise I won't be able to move on and enjoy all these great moments in my life.


On a Happy note - my best friend F is back down in SG! For a week. Watched a movie last night. Can't wait to spend more time with her. (a bit sore about the fact that she's a MRS now and I got to start ALL OVER AGAIN though)
and last thing- only 6 gstrings left in my CherryPop Shop stock. Do grab it while you can. Not sure what I'll source for next! :)


  1. Anonymous11:25 pm

    awww... I want ziggy starla! but sold out already. Bring more stock next time Holly :-)

  2. Anonymous2:16 pm

    yes, pls bring in more stocks!! :)


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