Yet Another Quick Update

Hey ya...

I've gotten a lot of positive responses for My Boobs & I. Thank you. Unfortunately, I've also had people posting their links to Fcup cookies. And saying that "it really works". And I've removed them. Not only because it's like sneaking in free advertising... but most importantly because they don't work!

I tried a few of them last year. Tasted ok.. but screwed my skin up! Very Very Very dehydrated, and had break outs. But as you can see.... no increase in breast size. I bought a whole box that was supposed to last a month. Only managed to eat a few, and felt shitty. What a waste of money. So be careful girls.... there's a lot of gimmicky marketing ploys out there to take advantage of your insecurities.
Trust me when I say, the only way to significantly increase your breast size is through surgery. Of course, I'm not advocating it. But the creams and stuff won't work (at best, a placebo effect), save your money!

We had an easy Saturday... went to Neil's new home tonight. Gorgeous spacious house, fabulously done up.
Will have more pics later on as I'm sure they'll throw some fab parties there.Latest exciting piece of news for me is that I've been chosen to be one of the 6 bloggers to vie for the spot of being Sony Vaio's ambassador. Cool. Will definitely need your support for that when the time comes.
I got bored and I put a pink streak in my hair. Don't worry, it's not bleached and dyed ( I'd NEVER do that), but I just got an extension put in. Colour a bit more bold than desired. Oh well... at least it's not permanent!
All clothes from this post sponsored by VogueFemme. Including the Colour block tube dress, and pretty pink headband. I got this swishy floral skirt from them as well! :) Go check their collection out, and mention that you're my blog reader when you place your order so you'll get 20% off!


  1. Anonymous3:38 pm

    im wondering where to submit qns for 'ask holly jean' other than via email so i decided to just post my qns here. i was browsing thru your archives, they're interesting and saw the eat pussy post.

    how do you get rid of 'the smell'?
    im asking this as sometimes im pretty self conscious. going to a doctor is not an option for me as i do not want my parents to interrogate me on it. you know how they can get.

    i hope you answer this, thank you!

  2. hello...

    well, with basic hygiene (soap and water, nothing extra special) and good health. It shouldn't smell.

    If it's just paranoia, then have a wash before engaging in anything. :)

    But if it really does smell, something may be wrong and you shld see a doc, dont have to be your family doctor. Just go to any GP, there's no reason for your parents to question.... they dont have to know.

    Alternatively, you may want to try a wash you can buy from Watsons or something. I've seen ads from Vagasil. Not sure if it's any good, but I'm sure it wont make it worse :)

  3. Anonymous8:56 pm

    The color block tube dress is nice!

    all got 20% off for your readers right????

  4. yes, 20% off all items

  5. Anonymous9:11 pm

    can't find the pink headband on voguefemme! is it from a yet-to-be-released collection?

  6. Anonymous9:56 pm

    thnks very much :)

  7. it's
    Item 17: Blair Waldorf Head Band

    link here

  8. the pink streak looks perfect on u! like ur makeup on that day too~ xD
    nice nice~

  9. Anonymous12:37 am

    i didnt check the site but the exact pink headband is worth $0.70 in bangkok :p guess the profit margin yea?

  10. Anonymous3:23 pm

    did you put hair extensions for the red colour?
    is clip inside?

  11. yup... but i'm not likely to go BK just to buy a hair band... :)

    Good profit yeah.

    yes, my hair extension (pink, not red) is braided in.


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