What Do Your Eyes Say About You?

The eyes. Some say the eyes are the windows to your soul. But the less cliche would just say that they are a prominent feature of your face and it will affect the way you look.
Isn't it unfair? When men have dark eye bags, and wrinkles like Benicio Del Torro above (who by the way I find so sexy.... like a cross between Dicaprio and Pitt). On men like him, dark circles look sexy, rugged and macho. In fact his dark drug addict eyes have worked to his advantage as he 's always the sexy, stoic, brooding guy in films.

Put those same flaws on Angelina Jolie, or Heidi Klum or any woman you consider attractive... and suddenly.... not so beautiful huh.

Beautiful, healthy looking eyes are a key asset to looking good. Eyebags, wrinkles and dark circles can be down to your genes, lifestyle and they tend to worsen with age. On a woman, this can make her look older and less healthy (hence less attractive). So take care of your eyes now... and you might not look like you're in a dire need for a facelift when you're 50.
Unfortunately, every one of us will be affected by dark circles or eye bags at some point of our lives. But thankfully, when it comes to being attractive, women have all the tools for deception! LOL. For ceturies women have been able to boost their attractiveness factor with glossy painted lips, fluttering fake lashes and breasts pumped up with silicone.

My quick fix after a sleepless night or stressful time - is my Eye Zone Tinted Color Essence (S$39).
It comes in a handy pen form for easy application. Best part is, it not only conceals, but cares for the skin as well.
Dab it around your eye area. I use my fingers to pat and blend it.I never used to use concealers because I always felt that the pigment was too yellow based, and it couldn't blend properly with my skin. I used it once, many years ago and was very conscious the whole time I was on a date because I felt that there were apparent pasty patches on my face!

But with this tinted essence, no worries. It blends easily because it's so lightweight yet it has enough pigment in it to cover up any dark shadows. No need for eyeshadow or hi-lights because it perks up my eye area instantly, I look and feel fresh.

Of course, even though dark eye circles are easily concealed with this fab product.... you should aim to get rid of them. I use the Eye Zone Massaging Essence (S$56).
I use it at night, and massage it gently onto my eye area. Massaging encourages circulation around the eye area while the goodness of this essence is absorbed into the skin, keeping it moisturised through the night. Dark eye circles are no longer an issue for me.

For more info on these products, check out http://www.ettusais.sg/ but why stop there...(???), check out the Beauty Buddies Program:It's A Mask-Querade

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  1. Anonymous9:08 pm

    u hv pretty eyes HJ. envyyyyyyy

  2. Anonymous1:23 am

    where do i get the eyezone tinted color essence? how many shades does it come with???

  3. Anonymous1:23 am

    where do i get the eyezone tinted color essence? how many shades does it come with???

  4. tinted essence comes in one colour, which blends easily.

    u can get it from an ettusais counter near you
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    Isetan Orchard 67351809

    Isetan Tampines 67891139

    BHG bugis 63347188

    BHG Bishan 62588698

    Metro Paragon 67352236

    Metro CausewayPoint 68911127


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