A Stranger Made Me Wet

Long Post with loads of pics... but before I get to the juicy bits... let me do a quick weekend update:
Saturday afternoon we went to ION on Orchard.... yes the place is HUGE, but nothing to shout about. The usual shops...layout is maze and tunnel like.. went through 4 basement floors of shopping.... What do they think we are? Moles?!

I actually got a headache from it. One thing I did like... was the Duck at Modern Peking ( Basement 4). Only 6 bucks for 5 slices of duck rolled up in little pancakes. Yum. BUT I had to queue for 20 mins (not exaggerating).

Went home for a swim.... and watched some TV (Addicted to the new BBC lifestyle channels... they're free for now.. for 10 days I think. Probably will subscribe once the ten days are up)

Saturday night, dinner at Bedrock at The Pan Pacific Suites (Somerset). The setting is perfect, as long as you are deaf. Romantic set up, tastefully done up... but bloody horrible loud Rock music... like Hardrock cafe.. only at 3 times the price!)I wore my red corset from Simply Intimates and jeans. Ooh... for those interested in getting a sexy figure flattering corset, stay tuned, will tell you about a promotion happening soon!Food... well... Mark's steak was good and so was the pan fried Sea bass I had. LOOOVE the fresh mushy garlic still in the bulb and skin... yummy when spread on their flat bread. For Starter, I had carpaccio (dunnoe how to spell), that was yum... but Mark's Smoked Tomato soup (supposedly their specialty), was shit! No kidding. Tasted exactly like tomato puree out of a can. Dessert was caramel Ice cream sandwich...ice cream was rich and creamy, but the biscuit was hard like rocks. Then we walked over to check out KPO (the Killeney Post Office) . The place is much larger than I thought! Huge bar, and the outdoor area has a great low key loungey feel. Make-up stayed on the whole night thanks to my ettusais pre make up base!

And now... The Stranger that made me wet... well actually there's more than just one stranger haha.
That's because I got dunked at the Nissan Summer Car Wash this afternoon!
.The very first person to give me my virgin dunk, was none other than my very own BF! Think he was getting back at me for all the crappy cooking I made him eat (in the past... now improved ok!).Got dunked 4 times in total ( no.. not all by Mark!) After the first fall... it wasn't scary anymore. But everytime I fall... I'm like a cannon ball.... I have no control of my limbs whatsoever, just drop with a fat arse splash.I was wet.. and cold... and breathed in more than enough water for the day.
Scorching hot sun.... sopping wet clothes... but it was for charity and it was indeed a good laugh. Was a great day after all. One more for the memory books. I hope to do more stuff like that soon.


  1. Hey u look good in that red top!

    Arrrghhh, i missed the date of the dunking!

  2. Anonymous3:48 pm

    holly you smoke?

  3. Now? nopes.

    If ur referring the to cigs on the table at KPO... not mine, belongs to a friend, but he doesn't want to be blogged about.


  4. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Sorry I could not make it. I am in sales and I have to work Sunday.

    Look likes you have fun that day!

  5. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Don't know why that cleavage showing bimbo got dunked more times than you.

  6. miyakii22@hotmail.com5:57 pm

    I went to check out her post. She said she dunked 20 over times?

    Cannot be la.

    all of you only 1 hour each on the dunk tank rite?

    Then she fell into the water every 2 minutes or so???? And where she find the time to climb back onto dunk tank?

    maybe she can't count! lol


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