Quick Updates

Bailey woke me at 6 plus this morning... he just jumped on me.. gave me a shock. I got up, and switched the lights on because I had to check if he peed on my bed. He didn't! Fantastic... on a really good streak now. He's been using his pee tray in the corner of the room. Hope he hasn't been gnawing away at any more of my dresses at night... well, I'll find out ... if I ever get the willpower to sort my wardrobe out.

A Japanese Hair Salon (tell u more when the time comes) has offered to sponsor my hairstyle for the blog awards ceremony. Which is great, my hair has been feeling rather plain.. would be great to have a professional hair designer give me a fab style.
That's settled. Now I just got to think of what to wear!

I'm thinking of trying to make a Shrimp/crab bisque tonight (cos I dunnoe where to get Lobsters in the SG supermarket). But I have something on so I won't get home until nearly 8pm. I get damn grumpy when hungry.


Did you know there's a twitter application on Facebook where all your twitter updates automatically become Facebook status updates?

I've got over 1500 contacts on facebook, and only 60something are using this application. So if you have a twitter and facebook account, add this application!

Ok.. I'm off... more updates later!


  1. Celestina2:57 pm

    Hi Holly
    Am surprise u didnt caged Bailey at nite when u guys asleep. esp he is capable of jumping onto the bed.
    Do u cage him at all??

    Arent u scare he wil bite on yr bedsheets, pillows or worse pee all over the bed?? : (

  2. Great Blog !! Would love to talk to you about working together with Eden Fantasys if you are interested. Email me anytime drewg (at) webmerchantsinc (dot) com.

  3. Anonymous9:56 pm

    hmmm...any chances that that hamster...OOPS..i mean rabbit of your could be toilet trained in future instead ? It could be worth saving you from future heart attacks

  4. Feeling down? For some light humour, go to www.farkmepumps.blogspot.com

    Am a great fan of yours, Holly !
    Keep up the great work !

  5. celestina-when i sleep, the room door is shut. so bailey's confined to the bedroom. he knows how to use the pee tray. so I just let him roam whole night.

    but he is able to jump on bed and disturb me! when he does it too often (some nights), I put him back n cage.

    he def doesn't bite the sheets, but i m bit worried abt my clothes, cos last time i found bite holes at the bottom of a couple of my long dresses, cos when they hang, they sweep the floor, so bailey can reach. I haven't organised/cleared my wardrobe lately, so i dunnoe the damage/status. but i tink it shld be ok.

    to DrewG- not sure wht u mean. u mean work with eden fantasies as in advertise it, or submit articles to the website? i had a look at the site, don't think it's my style though. thnx.

    BoTakCek-toilet trained in future instead??? yeah... it is.


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