My Blogshop is Up and Running!

When I start sourcing for stuff for my blogshop, I will remember to keep it to about 10 different items each time only.

I just spent my night taking pics of 44 different items ok.. so damn tired now! Imagine me running up and down while the camera is on timer! haha. Next time I'll get a photographer to do the pics.

But no more complaining. It's done! The Pre-Love Collection is the result of me finally having the will power to clear out my wardrobe.

Only one off items. And there's nothing wrong with them, but they are priced at $5, $10 and $15 dollars only because I can't wait to clear them.

If it's an enjoyable experience, maybe I might keep running a blogshop :)

Click here to start Shopping!

(By the way, I need to hit the sack.. so I'll only check my email tomorrow, allocation of items is on first come first serve basis)


  1. shopper6:05 pm

    everything so nice and great price - going so fast - you gonna open a shop in far east !:-)

  2. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Hi Holly,

    Would you mind to share how you get your nice flat abs? Like how long you took to get to this stage, what exercise routine you do for your abs?

    Am trying to get mine flat bt it's still fat (rhymes! haha)

    Guess ther readers out there would wanna know too. N you do have a nice well-toned figure!


  3. hi holly,

    the clothes r nice! i may juz buy them! :)

  4. Hi Holly!

    can you share with me on how to get a mailing list box like yours?

  5. is where i got the mailing list from :)

  6. Lauretta6:43 pm


    If you're gonna source overseas, would you consider Baby Phat?

  7. Dear Hj...

    I will give you all the moral support you need for the Blogshop. Great effort I saw, but alas, I will not be buying because I can't fit in it. (I'm wearing UK 14)


  8. Anonymous1:06 pm

    i wasn't in sg and I totally missed your sale man.

    Why so fast??!!!


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