An Indecent Proposal

Just watched Indecent Proposal for the first time last night. And it got me thinking...

Does everyone have a price?
Let's say if you were offered $100 to sleep with someone. I can safely assume that most of you would say no (unless it was someone like Jude Law or something... in which case, you'd probably do it for free).

But if this normal random average (not Jude Law or anyone in that league... but not some deformed quasimodo either) stranger offered you a million dollars. Would you still refuse?

I don't think so. If any of you can honestly say you would NOT have safe sex with someone once for a million singapore dollars, I'd really like to hear you. A million dollars! (!!!!!!!)

Realistically though, boys and girls, how many people are willing to pay a million bucks for a little pussy or some cock?!

Furthermore, if there were someone willing to pay that price, there would be a huge number of sellers willing to meet that demand. And because the supply for such things will ALWAYS exceed the actual demand... then naturally it's a buyer's market and the sellers will undercut each other and settle for less than a million.
However, I realise that in life, the price is not necessarily financial. Some women sleep with men for validation... some others (esp when younger) do it because they feel obligated since he paid for dinner or took her shopping... some women give sex in return for commitment and affection...
I'm not sure about men though.. what have you had sex for? Is it always your own personal desire or has there ever been some other reason? For instance... pity? Haha it's true.. I had a guy friend once who was out clubbing with his male friend. Then his friend hooked up with a girl, and that girl had a girlfriend with her. He didn't find her attractive. But he felt obligated to sleep with her because he didn't have the heart to turn her down! haha
(Ivana Trump managed to find the right price)

If I were single, I think the price I'd be willing to do it for wouldn't be anywhere near a million. Especially if the guy was cute looking. But now that I am in a relationship, would I ? I think I would if the price were right and my partner agreed to it. Of course it's got to be a whopping amount of money that would be significant enough to make a differene to our lives.

So the question here is no longer... would you sleep with someone for money.... but rather.. What or How much would you be willing to do it for?


On a side note.... I got an email from a reader a few days ago asking to buy my used underwear! There's a price for everything isn't there!

And in case you were wondering... no, of course I did not sell. But it wasn't morality that made me say no... but simply because I didn't think that any amount of money one would be willing to pay for my underwear would realy be worth my while.
(They sell it from vending machines in Japan though! Imagine that!)


  1. Anonymous2:01 pm

    no pussy worth a million bucks.

  2. Honestly, what about those who would never ever do it as a matter of principles? Surely you overlooked these people? :) It could be upbringing, religion, values etc... not everyone nor everything has a price otherwise, its such a sad sad place that we live in Hol! :)

  3. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Will not do it for a million bucks. I'm serious. -.-

    You're very honest to declare that u will sell yourself for a lump sum of money even though u have a boyfriend... But it really reflects what kind of principles u have.

  4. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Im an irregular reader and im not siding with anyone but i see those comments coming once i read her post, surely its not right to suggest a price for one's body

    If you are a thinking individual probably you will take most the stuff here with a pinch of salt and trying to be a moral police here makes you even more pretentious and stupid. For a more serious read, grab a copy of ST

    So chill yah

  5. Bob Redford5:21 pm

    I think Holly's right and applaud her honesty ,I believe most women
    (I'm talking average people not super wealthy women) would have sex with a guy who offered them a load of cash that could transform their lives , buy a house etc and be financially secure - why not , its just once and could give you a fabulous life rather than just a tough one ? C'mon think about it , would you really say no !!!

  6. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Seriously, did you give it enough thought when you decided that you'd be willing to sleep with someone for a "right price" if your bf agrees? If the offer comes the other way and some woman offers your bf a "right price" to sleep with her, won't it hurt you if he is tempted enough to seek your permission?

    Because if it is me, I will definitely feel insulted. Am I unable to give my man enough that he should consider crawling into another woman's bed? Just because I cannot afford him that amount of money? (And esp if we are already financially stable.) Ask my permission for what? Pity for my feelings? Duh. I don't think I can respect him anymore if he thinks it is ok to accept the offer. :)

    So if I were in a serious relationship and someone gives me such an offer, I will be pissed. Morals aside, I am all the more pissed at the insult that the offer is implying to my man. My man may not be as rich, but I am contented if we can get by humbly and I can respect him.

    As a single, I am still uncomfortable with the idea even though I feel a bit more open. I guess I will consider the situation if I do get such an offer. Just my opinion. No offence.


  7. no for a million dollars and no for whatever mammoth sum but that's because i am already used to my simple lifestyle.

  8. Anonymous6:34 pm

    If I am single, I would!!! Kudos to your honesty...million dollars can do a lot of things...

  9. hi Cyn.

    nope, no offence taken.

    I would consider it if a million offer were to come my way and I would discuss with my partner. I don't think he would be upset tht I want to discuss it with him.

    Of course like i said, it would have to be a significant amount that would make a difference in both our lives. And yes, seeing that he's not exactly poor, th amount would have to be great to have an impact.

    But for the average person on the street.. how many of use would be able to save 1 million dollars even if we saved our whole lives?

    Yet you can have that million bucks in just a few hours tonight. It is life changing.

    That's why I find it difficult to understand why someone would just turn it down.

    even if it's a matter of principles.

    WHat about if you had a family, and your husband is broke and you have a baby... worse still.. sick baby. Would you do it then??

    if you do.. then what makes it ok now? WHat makes it any more respectable?

    Or if you decline... then you deprive your family of a better life (per say) ??? Which is the lesser of the two evils?

  10. People watcher7:26 pm

    Very interesting -why don"t you do one of your anon polls on the subject -one for men and one for women - I reckon more than 50% of women would have sex with someone for cash ( say above $50,000) - if they knew that no one would know or find out ,and about 90 % of men would !!!! If they were really honest

  11. To be honest, in my whole entire life, i had tons of indecent proposals. In fact, too many that its countless. The highest someone offered for my time was USD 600/hr. But no, I didnt agree to it.

    I believe no matter how good looking one is, it is important as us , girls to value our own body. If we dont respect our own worth and our respect our body as god's temple, no one would.

    Everytime, it is very easy to spot as someone who is good looking and all. But at the end of each day, I share my experiences with girls and always tell them, never never do things that betray yourself, your inner pride, your self worth and things to ashame your family.

    A moment of it worth for that lifetime of secrecy and distinctive , mind-haunting shame?

    To me. It's not worth it for that USD600/hr.

  12. Anonymous7:32 pm

    xyz , what if it was 60,000 usd for an hour and you were guaranteed nobody would find out ? tempted ?

  13. As a guy, I think it doesn't take much to get me to sleep with someone (assuming it's not Quasimodo's sister). But if you're attached, then the sum is mainly to buy off your partner. So a more appropriate question is 'How much before you agree to let you gf (or bf) sleep with someone else?'. That's a toughie. I'd say a mil would do it, but it'd still hurt.

  14. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Hi Holly
    Thanks. I guess I am more possessive about the bedding part. :)

    I am not judging any choice or principle. To me it is not a matter of how evil or respectable a choice is. I made my point because I had a ex who had been given such an offer. Not a million but it was quite a good sum for both of us cos we were both young and broke then. He rejected it and told me that he could not sleep with another woman when he had a gf who was willing to stick things through with him even though he was broke. Even though I was touched and my admiration for him deepened from that incident, the offer still hurt my feelings then. So you see where I am coming from? :)

    And for your info, I am that average person on the street but no, I am not tempted by the million dollars. I came from a poor family and I know that we don't need a million dollars to stay happy. I prefer humble simplicity to complicated affairs, as did my ex.

    And if I have to consider the offer for a sick baby I cannot pay for, then yes, I will be tempted and may take it if it is the only way I can pay for baby. To save a life. Not because I want to keep the money. It is not about whether the deed becomes more respectable in that situation, but about prioritizing baby's life over the question of respectability.

    I don't believe that a "better life" means having more money/luxury. So I don't think that I am depriving my family by rejecting such offers as long as I can keep food on the table and allow my kids as much education as possible. (and I will pick a hubby with a decent income and use birth control to ensure this :P) Kids should also learn about being down-to-earth and earning their keep. This will help them grow into capable adults. :)


  15. xyz- yeah I wld not do it for 600 an hour too! I'm talking abt 1 million bucks.

    or even 60 000 per hour like anon 7.32 said - tht is tempting but still too low if I were attached (like now).

    Ivann - yeah when u turn the tables, it sucks! I'd hate to have to think abt my partner sleeping with someone else.

    But then again, we have loved, adored and slept with others (some good, some bad, some mind-blowingly fantastic probably)...all before we met each other.

    So like, if it's just mechanical sex and no emotion.... can I make the exception just that one time. If Mark had no money, then yes. definitely.

    It's just a bit more difficult to put it into perspective because a million bucks would not make a big difference to his state of finances.

    So like, maybe 10 million, I'd say ok, go for it. But bottomlne is. yes, there is a price. Just tht i dont know exactly what it is.

  16. Anonymous11:37 pm

    holly jean has a price tag?

    surely not!!

  17. Anonymous12:01 am

    I agree with Cyn...I am not trying to be a martyr here but I won't sleep with someone for a million bucks. Sure, it's really tempting but not everything has a price tag on it...the world will be a sad place if that day comes.

  18. I'm inclined to agree with Holly. I do think everyone has a price tag.

    Not one million? Then maybe Ten?
    Or a cure for cancer? Immortality?

    There must be something.

    Maybe it's easy to say no now because it's only hypothetical. But when it's a real one million $ on their laps, they might sing a different tune.

  19. Anonymous9:32 am


    I'm a man and I would NEVER get married to a woman who would sell her body for money.
    Respect yourself and the people who love you like your family.

    Wonder whether your bf has read this post...


  20. We've already had an interesting discussion on the topic. ( not tht there was a million dollar proposal of course... but just after watching the movie)

    Would I sell my body for a few thousans bucks? of couse not! But a million dollars is a slightly different picture here.

    And of course it's hypothetical.. and yeah, I hardly think anyone is going to pay a million dollars.

    But the whole topic really is whether everyone has a price. Hate me if you must, but I'm being honest when I say I realise that I do have a price (albeit not a low one).

    And I'm still very sure that everyone does have a price, and I find it diffcult to understand people who say they are dead sure they would NEVER be bought.

  21. Anonymous11:31 am

    Yeah, I agree that everyone has a "price" before they are willing to sleep with someone else. But if this price is solely money for its own sake as in your example? Then no. There are people who will rather pass up the money even if such people may be rare. They are not difficult to understand - they are contented with their lot and prefer to keep things simple. At the end of my life when I am going to leave everyone and everything behind, it will not matter if I had the luxury of a million dollars during my life, but my relationships with the people around me will determine whether I can die in peace. :) So I will choose having my relationships as clean-cut and pure as possible.

    I've said a lot, I don't mean to argue la. :P I think I am coming to understand what you mean too. Maybe a better question will be "Body vs Money, which is more important?"


  22. Anonymous12:02 am

    Haha I can picture it! A friend of your bf asking him: - "How did you get all this money???" - "Oh, no big deal, my gf slept with a rich guy"

    Sorry for that but that made me lmao!

    However I must say that eventhough I disagree with this post, I love your frankness and think you definitely deserve this lifestyle blog award.
    Good luck!


  23. Anonymous9:33 am

    I still stand my ground on not having a price tag for myself.
    It's not about money, how can I sleep well at night when I know that I had betrayed myself for money?
    A good night's sleep is something that cannot be bought with money.
    As for a cure for cancer? Nah, I am not that altruistic.
    But that's just me.

  24. Dogslover2:50 pm

    With regards to your query:"If any of you can honestly say you would NOT have safe sex with someone once for a million singapore dollars, I'd really like to hear you. A million dollars! (!!!!!!!)"
    I for one would like to make my stand with reference to this.I believe that as ladies,we should protect our body and not contaminate it even if were for some megabucks.No offense here,but money isn't everything.A person may have a billion worth of inheritance but doesn't have the health to enjoy it-then again, what's the point for being rich?
    If a person can betray his/her own body for material pleasures then it goes to show that you don't love your body at all.So yeah,my answer to your question is obvious-I wouldn't do it even for a million bucks.But, cheers for being brave and making your personal view across-really appreciate your frankness in this blog:) And yup, I'm an avid reader of your blog & keep on blogging!Congrats on winning the Spore blog awards!!

  25. Anonymous8:22 pm

    Haha my buddies and I have a discussion over the similar topic before. Ahem...we all would say YES if this is a million dollar offer as what Holly mentioned, provided the guy is not too 'off' looking. One of my buddies even joked she is willing to eat a plate of shit for this offer, not to mentioned having safe sex only for once...Lol

    Average gal on the street

  26. Anonymous2:50 pm

    A million bucks?
    I would..
    It is not about betraying or not loving your body.
    Agree with Holly, everyone does have a price.
    Imagine if you have a father on intensive care unit waiting for operation,but you dont have the money to fund it.
    or you have a baby who's hungry and crying because he kept vomitting out his milk due to certain part of his intestine didnt grow,thus needing operation to save his life.
    how helpless would you feel?
    i've been through that, albeit no indecent proposal..

    but if the situation happens again and i receive a proposal to sleep with someone for money,i would even settle much lesser than a million dollars

    just being honest,


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