Help Choose My Outfit For The Blog Awards!

The Blog Awards ceremony is on the 16th of September. The results will only be known at the event itself. Whatever the outcome, I'd like to thank all of you for your support and encouragement.

I thought of wearing a nice dress for the event but the theme is Bedroom, since it's held at Supperclub (Fun!). So I've decided to wear either a slip or camisole set.

Lingerie Plaza is sponsoring my outfit for the event. But I need you to help me pick the best one.


ONE- pink cotton with clouds

Sweet but is this too boring??
TWO- Black satin polka dots with lace

I think this is cute! And the shorts will mean it's comfortable to move around in.

THREE - pink satin slip

This is pretty but it's 60cm long, will it be too short to wear on it's own??

FOUR- Pink and Lace cami and shorts

Hmmm.. I'm a bit divided with this one, not keen on the halter but I do like pink.

OK, I know it's been less than 12 hours since I ran the poll... but looks like we have a winner. Outfit number 2! So polls closed now, those who voted, thanks!
(You can leave comments if you absolutely love or hate any of it, I'd like to know.)


  1. Anonymous11:27 pm

    go for the outfit that makes you look most like a GOLD DIGGER

    bye the way...

    i have a million bucks going spare. wanna sleep with me?

    fuck, i hope you win. then I'll be the guy who paid a million bucks to sleep with the blah blah blog winnner thingy.

  2. Anonymous11:42 pm

    Who is this rich boy? Name and age please??? Oh, since you gonna sleep with some lady so full of fame, your mama must be proud of you for that talent and riches you have spared. What's her maiden name??? And who she slept with to have such a intelligent bastxxrd??

  3. kingkong1:28 am

    r u trying to be clint eastwood ? saving damsel in distress? come on, she doesnt need hero like you..the fact thats she writing a blog which is open to public comment/criticism shows that shes ready for all kind of stuffs....shame on you..cursing someone else's mom when he/she wasnt even saying anything to you...

  4. Anonymous1:41 am

    Ditto KingKong.

  5. girl who's eating toast7:15 am

    Hey Holly
    Why not dress up as Wee Willie Winkie and wear flannel pyjamas, a night cap and carry and oil lamp? That would be funny! Kidding! But I can't seem to choose 1 of the 4 outfits!!!

  6. Anonymous9:52 am

    Hi Holly,

    This entry reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie in the Sex and the City) picking an outfit for her launch of her book, hahahah!!

    Something chic and sexy. Are you going to the event in the lingerie?


  7. Anonymous10:46 am

    yeah Anonymous 11:42pm,
    what's up with cursing someone else's mom just to act like some idiotic "hero". oh come on, spare us your stupidity, will ya.

  8. Anonymous1:13 pm

    holly jean, what are your views on teachers in singapore nowadays?

    as quoted - consequent to a failed recognition of reform's demands on teachers' lives is a frail regard to the lives of teachers.

    what are your views? im interested to know since you were a once a teacher before.

    i love reading your blog as it provides me new insights in every aspects. please do reply and i really appreciate youe honesty : )

    PS : im currently a student and wish to know more about teaching in years to come.

  9. Anonymous4:47 pm

    i think option: TWO- Black satin polka dots with lace suits u the best. the rest look too kiddy and sloppy.


  10. Oh I love the last one... sexy... :p

  11. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Why are you wearing lingerie to an event like that? You'll be the odd one out, I promise.

  12. don't worry, the invite states that the dress theme is Bedroom :)

  13. Anonymous11:00 am

    choose number 1! sweet and not too short...the rest can get a tad too slutty...rmb to bring along a little cardigan in case it gets cold

  14. Anonymous10:49 pm

    honestly, the outfits do seem a bit to skimpy for the public eye even with a "bedroom" theme. sure your bf won't mind?

  15. No.2 is great~

  16. Anonymous6:26 pm

    why not:)

  17. Anonymous4:17 am

    My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!


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