Girls, Have a Peek Into My Bathroom

I love my bathroom. It smells of Vanilla, it's fresh and clean, the towels are white and fluffy... and it's where I start and end my day.
Every night, before I go to bed I follow these 5 quick steps to ensure my skin is cared for while I sleep... and I look good when I wake!
Medicated Acne Gentle Make Off ($36) It's an oil that glides onto my skin...But it leaves no oily residue as it washes off easily, taking all the dirt and make up with it!
Medicated Acne Gentle Wash ($20) Having my cleanser in a bar form ensures that I lather it up by using a generous amount of water. When I turn my hands upside down, the lather is firm enough so that it does not fall off, that's when I know it's just right. I glide the creamy lather on my face. Be gentle on your skin, don't rub! If your cleanser makes your skin feel tight after washing, then it's too harsh!
Medicated Acne Version Up ($41, refill $36) This step is like a toner... only better! This product softens my skin surface so that it can absorb the maximum amount of goodness from my moisturiser. I use the Moisture Up formula because my skin is dry. But the Oil Control Version is available for oily skins.
Medicated Acne Aqua Shooter ($41, refill $36) This is a lightweight moisturiser that is easily absorbed by my skin. I love that it makes my skin feel hydrated yet not oily at all.
Medicated Acne Night Time Defense Powder ($40, refill $31) What??? Powder at night??
Surprise surprise... thus product is actually an award winning skincare powder. It's the last step of my skincare routine... I puff a light layer onto my face before sleeping, and when I wake up, my skin is smooth and refreshed! This powder has ultra fine particles, so it locks in moisture all night and smoothens my skin.

(Go down to the ettusais counter and try it! Just puff some onto your forearm... You'll be amazed at how fine the texture is, and how soft your skin feels. )

Of course, all these products give you clear fresh skin! :) For more info, do pop over to ettusais.


  1. hey holly =)

    for the products, they are named 'acne etc etc', but i dun think u have acne prone skin right? so... issit still suitable for normal skin?

  2. nice blog, thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi adel.

    I dont have acne either. It is suitable for normal skin. I get the range for dry skin instead of oily skin. cos i have dehydrated skin and am always in the sun.

  4. hanlin11:31 am

    hi Holly,

    that is your night routine? how bout ur day routine??

  5. yeah,, this is my end of day routine. morning routine is the same, but minus the nighttime defense powder.. i use sunblock on face instead (it's my ettusais premake up base)

  6. Hi Holly!
    I have acne and eczema. My skin is very oily. I read my raves about ettusais and seems like its working well for them. :) Ive tried asking around but I dont think they've the trail kit for the 5 basic steps you've mentioned?
    I dont think I'd wanna buy the full bottle cos not sure if it works well for me.
    I thought of buying them from ebay(ppl are selling it at cheaper $ + brand new).
    Need yr advice. gd idea to purchase from ebay?

    Sorry abt the lengthy comment. Oops.
    Loveya =)

  7. whoo! sry. one more question. is the first step gentle make off necessary? cos i dun put on make up.

  8. hi girl.. actual 3 steps come in a trial size. It's cleanser, version up and moisturiser (if I am not wrong).

    u can skip the make up remover since you don't use make up :)

    Can u email me directly... I'll see if I can help u

  9. hey Holly, thnks for yr wonderful post that I managed to buy the cleanser bar & mini make up remover without hesitation.question, i'v got oily skin. wat u recommend for step 3&4..n i'v got free sample of flat design liquid & medicated oil block whitening...which one i use first b4 applying my zero pore oil powder....

  10. yes! i went to test try out ytday for this night powder and amaze it's awesome! after some thoughts i shall get it later in town. :)

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