Do You Want Invites To The Blog Awards?

Do you want to attend the Singapore Blog Awards at the Supper Club on the 16th of Sept??? You can Email to request for invites - with your name, contact and blog URL. (Got this info off their Facebook event page)
I've been tapping away at the new Sony VAIO W mini notebook. Love it! Stay tuned, will do a review in a couple of days. Bailey says," Now you got the VAIO W, you don't play with me no more...."

Meanwhile... I'm exhausted! It's one of those phases where work and events come like an avalanche... some weeks I'm soooo free, and then suddenly all my appointments and commitments come tumbling in at the same time. That's the life for me I guess.

I rather THAT than monotonous routine 9 to 5 every weekday. (I think)

Tomorrow, I am teaching a class in the morning from 9 to 12, after which I have to get back for a quick shower and change....super fast lunch (or maybe no time for lunch!) and rush to a attend the launch of a NEW store at 2pm. It's no ordinary store/boutique. Will tell you more about that after the event.

Then back for quick cuddles with Mark, and in the evening we have a BBQ at Neil's house. His whole family has relocated here as of a week ago. (Welcome!)


Now I got to clean Bailey's cage, and paint my nails... and go sleep... tomorrow will be a very trying day!


  1. Anonymous11:34 am

    WOW! you really are rushing for time. must take care of your body okays! rmb to have lunch! =)

  2. Anonymous7:50 pm

    Saw you at downtowneast! you wear carrying a pink bag rights? You were really rushing fer time huhs? =) takecares kays stay healthy so that you can blog regularly. (:


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