The CherryPop Update

Hi all...

It's been a mad last 24 hours.

But I'm happy to see that almost everything has sold out in my blogshop! For those I've had to turn away, my apologies. (There'll be more sales to come)

Do make your transfers today, and email me. I'm sending items out tomorrow.

(If you have confirmed the item, but have changed your mind or cannot make a transfer by today. please do let me know. I'd hate to have to black list anyone).

CherryPop's Sale closes this Friday. But there's a mailing list on the CherryPop site where you can key in your email address, so when new stock comes in, you'll get an email.

Do take a few seconds now to click what you'd like CherryPop to sell. This would help me source for stuff you want in the next sale.

Tonight- an interesting post. Promise! :)


  1. Theresa7:18 pm

    Hello Holly! I think its a great thing that you've set up your new blogshop! I did the poll, and since we can only choose one, i CHOSE pre-loved clothes.

    But i think it would be great if you could sell abit of all on your blogshop! That would make your blogshop different from others, as you'd have more varities!

    I'm really looking forward to shopping there! :D

    Who knows, you'd probably own a boutique in the future when this blogshop becomes successful!

    All the best :D

  2. Anonymous11:07 pm

    what happened to ur promise HJ? N u removed ur post on that blogger i noticed??

  3. hi anon 11.07. I just got back.

    am just about to work on the post. :) don't worry, didn't break my promise.

    Removed post? nope. I didn't remove anything. it shld still be there.

  4. Anonymous1:05 pm

    thnx HJ! I received items yesterday! Love it!



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