Be A Shoplifter

If I never stepped into another mall again.... I'd be alright. In fact, I can barely remember the last time I bought clothes in a mall. (Think the last time was Far East Plaza months ago!)

But don't you EVER take away my internet!

I love the internet... and shopping online is getting more interesting these days with more local blogshops in the market. This means convenience, competitive pricing and best of all... a better range of stuff.

The Shoplifters... gives you the exact same trends you see in stores now... but much cheaper than retail store prices of course. How is this fair to retail stores, you ask? Well... The retail stores will have to come up with a new pull factor to get the Blogshopping crowd back. But for now, I'm the consumer... and I prefer blogshops.

My stuff from The Shoplifters: Topshop Inspired Bib Lace feminine and sweet. It's a good length, not too short. Great for meeting friends for coffee or lunch.
This is their Candy Striped Oversized Tee. I love to wear it off shoulder, over my bikini and head to the pool.
The Shoplifters also has accessories/shoes/bags in every collection.
Check out the latest collection 24, launching at 8pm today! at The Shoplifters!


  1. ShopQueen4:02 pm

    I am a big fan of online shopping too!

    I like the yellow bib dress. I think it suits you. Very sweet!


  2. mykala1:04 pm

    I think blogshops need to source wider for their stuff... sometimes I see the same stuff in a few blogshops.

    I like this soplifters, annyee and club courture that you told us about. And lingerie at SimplyIntimate!

    You've got a good range of blogshop links here. ls try to find shop selling shoes!


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