What's In Holly Jean's Bag?

Holly Jean's Gym Bag Essentials
What the hell do I lug all about in my gym bag you ask?Everything! Laundry bag, spare clothes, moisturiser, water bottle, banana, cap, wallet, keys... and my ettusais Medicated Acne Aroma Body Wash (S$34). I just started using it last week... and I LOVE IT!

It has acne in the name. But it's not just for people with acne! It's got all the goodness of a medicated wash which gently cares for your skin but it also pampers your senses with a fruity fresh scent. I find it especially invigorating after a tough day.

It's an oil-free formula so it's light in texture. I love the rich lather that removes excess oil and impurities and leaves me not only squeaky clean but moisturised at the same time.My body wash is my perfect shower companion. The smell makes the women in showers next to me envious! ha.
By the way, I bought a new gym top last week. It matches my shoes :)

Holly Jean's Pool Essentials

Before leaving the apartment, I use Sunblock (VERY IMPORTANT). And bring along these stuff:Apart from the usual goggles, I've started to use a swimming cap now, to protect my hair. And it's working. My hair used to get so dry and tangled from chlorine.... I was even considering cutting it shorter (gasp!). Well it was either that.. or give up swimming... but swimming is doing so much good for my body!I don't look SO bad in it do I? haha.. I used to have issues wearing it.. lol. I felt like a dork. But now I can't imagine swimming without it! Another thing I can't do without is 100plus... it's always been my favourite drink, and it replaces all the lost salt and fluids from exercise.

Last but not least... to replenish moisture in my skin, I use my ettusais Medicated Whitening Body Mist $38.

It's so convenient because it's a neat spray on body moisturiser. It is body conditioning and so soothing! The sun can really damage skin and cause freckles and other imperfections. This mist fades melanin & controls its production, so I won't get freckles (or worse still... liver spots!) from the sun. I'm happy because it keeps my skin from chapping and my skin stays well moisturised even though I'm always in the sun.
After a swim, I jump under the shower, towel dry and then spray it on my back and chest ( these are areas most prone to freckles and damage from the sun).
This way.. I always maintain an even skin tone (even when I get a tan).. and no unwanted moles or freckles or spots on my body.

So there you have it... a sneak peek into my gym and swim essentials.


  1. Anonymous11:30 am

    Wow. HJ!
    I'm really impressed at how toned your body is now. You were not like fat before... but it's much more toned now!

    congrats! Your hard work must be paying off. And your skin does look really nice and even.

    - She

  2. celestina11:48 am

    Hi Holly
    Glad u finally used a swimming cap & te colour is nice! I tot u wil get a pink ones : )

    U may wana try drinkg H2O(original flavour) instead of 100+. I cant really remem but i was told it is better as it has less sodium or sugar. I've thus been drinkg H2O. U can do the comparision on the labels

  3. hi She - thanks! I actually have Mark to thank for it... been adopting a more healthy lifestyle since knowing him.

    Celestina - I would love a pink one but the only one I could find was for kids. so i bought silver one instead. think I paid ten bucks for it.

    i've tried H2O original.. and i didn't like it because it tastes flat. :(

    I only like H20 sparkling version but tht's the same as 100plus since both carbonated, I guess.

  4. Anonymous7:34 pm

    wow , you got some body going on there girl - why don"t you get addidas or nike to sponsor you ?

  5. oh.. I WISH!

    I've been wearing the same old gym stuff for months! only just bought one more gym top.

    unfortunately... i don't have the contacts for tht

  6. Anonymous10:26 pm

    holly wont ur lash extension drop whn sleeping?

  7. Anonymous11:20 am

    I agree! You have a super sexy body and we'd love to see more pics! I'm surprised people aren't bugging you to do modeling. Would you be interested in modeling?

  8. Anonymous11:25 am

    i meant whn swimming haha

  9. anon11.25 - yeah I was wondering why u were concerned abt sleeping. lol . no they dont come off in the water.. they're pretty much permanent.

    anon 11.20 - thanks. yeah have had a few offers for modelling/events but they were more like "piece of meat" type modelling, and it's not the image I want. ( like standing in front of a car as a "race queen" while old men lurk around)

  10. Anonymous12:30 am

    it's a harsh reality but there is a shelf life being a model...not saying that you are old holly but wouldn't you agree that these days only the "Sweet young things" get the deals? Just look at that pathetic S factor show. The winner is a 26 year old model. How did you feel being one of the older few contestants in that show Holly?Perhaps a blog on women and age might be interesting.

  11. of course... most in modelling, like sports... have very short shelf-life.

    But that's ok as long as you have other things going for you.. and that you don't measure your self worth/ success in life solely on those things.


  12. abt Sfactor- I thought age actually gave me an edge .. not to be drawn in by school yard antics... u know. Cos i've been through all that. plus I used to teach in a sec school... so like, cliquish-ness has lost its appeal.

    that said. I'm a year older than sonia, and 2 years older than KK.. so it's not like I'm older by like a decade or something lol... so I didn't feel like a generation gap.

    Only... with contestants who were like 18, 19... I did feel OLDER. But more so in a good way.

  13. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Hi Holly,
    Like you, I love to swim as well! But I'm developing freckles and I'm only 23 so I can't imagine what other markings would develop by the time I'm 30. What sunblock do you use anyway?

    Your body looks fantastic! What's your exercise routine like? I don't ask for much, just wished I didn't have a muffin top. :( Do you eat really well in general?


  14. HI theresa...

    any sunblock will do ( SPF 15 minimum.)

    my typical week - monday nothing, tuesday nothing, wed nite swim, thur morn swim n gym, fri nothing, sat afternoon swim, Sunday morning gym and afternoon swim.

    but today I did hot yoga instead of gym (don't think I'm signing on though, so expensive).

    Will be joining a Zen Do Kai class soon. my first lesson on the 12th. Will check it out, and if it's good maybe I'll post on my blog and get girls to join with me.

    By the way, if u check the left hand site of my blog, u'll realise I'm asking for ppl with blemishes or freckles (becos of an ettusais product giveaway I'll be doing soon. so far I have many entries for blemishes, but no freckles. so if freckles on ur face, u can send in ur entry :)

  15. Anonymous10:40 pm

    hey holly what lashes do u use? What do u mean by kinda permanent?? Share pls!!!!!!! :D

  16. the normal individual lash extensions that practically every shop in far east plaza and city plaza offers. (haha)

    semi permanent... lasts a month or so. won't come off it the shower or pool.

    It's not the false lashes that come in a strip and u stick on and take off.

  17. Yeah holly you do have a toned body that can put some younger girls to shame!

    Pls share your gym routine, like which machine you use, how many repetitions and all?

    Anw Pilates is something I think you'll love! Check it out too =)


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