To Infinity And Beyond

Mark was an astronaut on my brother Wesley's film set yesterday.

I don't have a part in his new short film, not even as a monkey in the space craft... (Boo!)... but I did get to do Mark's make up. And of course, I'm using ettusais!
What joy! Imagine being able to put make up on your BF! (Thank you darling!)
Adding the finishing touches on his spacesuit.When no one is around (except Mark), the monkey gets to play. Like my gravity boots???(I do like a man in uniform)
All ready for take off. I think he looked great and did well too. He was such a good sport.
It was a great experience for both of us. It was neat to see how they work a green screen. And it's amazing how much effort goes in to creating just a few minutes on film.
That's Mark... floating in outer space, still green screen... They're still filming other bits of the film over the next few weeks.... and then there's editing....but will let you know when the film screens (probably Sinema Old School or The Substation) and you can come watch! How exciting!


  1. kingkong11:31 pm

    not bad...looks like robert dowrey should put him in iron man suit...

  2. cybil1:13 am

    do let us knoe when the film is out. I'd like to watch

    Mark looks good as astronaut. Your spaceboots nice too haha

  3. Anonymous9:23 pm

    i agree, he does look like robert downey jr! you lucked out holly! :) - jen

  4. haha.. yeah ppl have said that.

    Maybe I was subconciously attracted to mark because of the resemblance... since I do love Robert Downey Jr.

    And Jude Law and Matthew Broadrick and Stephan Dorf. Have never been the Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt sorta girl.

  5. Anonymous12:11 am

    ooh how old is he? 35+?

  6. Anonymous12:33 am

    mark does look mature...but it could be the result of working out way too much. piece of advice holly...u're looking fab now. Do not overwork ur body till u look aged...u gotta eat well and exercise well...and i'm sure u're doing so already.i'm guessing he is 10 years older than you...not that age fact, i personally like mature men...

  7. :)

    I will do a post on this age thing. so many readers keep asking me about it.

    I won't overwork until i look aged... lol.

    Mark is far from overworked too.. lol

    I think we have a good healthy lifestyle going so far.


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