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Before you just scroll down to my fashion montage of pics of me in corset...

When I say CORSET... do you think of torturous tight ugly things that restrict the ability to breathe???
On the contrary, modern-day corsets are designed to fit comfortably while it also sculpts your body. It smoothes the torso, cinches the waist and boosts the bosom (yes!).
The femininity and versatility of the corset is turning this hot hollywood trend into a wardrobe staple.
There are so many ways to wear a corset... from the downright slutty....
... to the sophisticated chic.

How Many Ways Can Holly Jean Wear A Corset?
Honestly... the possibilities are endless! But I'll show you 6 of my all time favourites.

I'm wearing the Fitted Satin Brocade Corset from Simply Intimate. (Check out Promo details at the end of this post!)

Party Girl: This is my clubbing look. Short flirty skirt, stilettoes, messy hair and a nice choker.

Weekend Chic: This is my dinner and drinks look. Pair the corset with pedal pushers/capris or even jeans! I added a pin-on black flower to the front of it. It's easy and comfy but the corset makes it look like you made the effort to dress up.
Formal But Still Hot: This is my look for meetings and events. Worn with a fitted skirt and vest/waistcoat. It's great look for those of you who have to work in the office and want to head out straight for drinks/party afterwards.
Conservative (me?!) Look: The corset looks great under a blazer/jacket. It's a good conservative look for work, yet it has a feminine and sexy touch underneath. (And oversized blazers are back this season!)
Romantic Peasant Girl: With this look, I wear the corset on the outside of a white capped-puff sleeved dress. It also works well with a kimono dress/top underneath. Sex: My favourite look. Paired with satin gloves (also available at simply intimate) and the matching g-string that comes with the corset. Every woman deserves to feel like this in the bedroom.

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  1. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Hey Holly, I have been following your blog for some time now and kinda agree most of your taste in lots of stuff... was wondering what would a girl love to see in a man in his dressing...? What makes them turn their heads twice? Maybe you could share some tips on a man's taste in dressing and how can he do better....

  2. I like the last pic

  3. hey first pic revealed a little too much on the bottom half. sorry this is not meant to be malicious or bitchy, just noticed and was concerned ! hope that this wasnt a mood dampener

  4. Anonymous10:11 pm

    no leh... i zoom in already. but no zhao geng.:(

  5. Anonymous7:00 am

    hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  6. LadyJ8:11 am

    The corset looks great! I like the romantic look best. very sweet.

    good post. :) will check out simply intimate ... hope it's not too ex. and hope there' bigger size.

  7. Celestina9:29 am

    hehe.. i like the last pic too.. very sensual &... sexy : )

    I do however agreed wif Jay on the 1st pic. I guess is te angle of te pic taken though it may not 'zhao geng' : )


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