Party In Penang

Had a fever on Friday :( But managed to get rid of it in time for Penang over the weekend.

A little variation and change to my routine every now and then keeps life full of surprises! And I'm always up for a party across the border (or anywhere!)

Initially booked budget airlines JetStar Asia. But they changed their flight time so we had to cancel and fly Malaysian Airways instead. First thing I've realised... for a budget airline, JetStar isn't really cheap. In fact, we paid less via Malaysian Airways! My first time flying Malaysian airlines and I must say, I'm very impressed, their service was as good as SQ!

Shitty thing about Jet star (apart from their unreliability and fact that they charge you for every little thing .. including water) - is that they're being diffcult about the bloody refund! Saying it will take 3 months to refund. 3 months?! How come it only takes like 3 seconds to take the money off our credit card but 3 months to put it back on??? Never flying with them again!

Apart from that, the trip was great! We stayed at the Eastern & Oriental hotel in Georgetown, Penang. And it's fantastic! Very prompt pick up at the airport. The Chauffer looks soooo cute in his high socks and khaki uniform, wheeling my pink ettusais luggage.
Porters in the same uniform too, plus cute safari hat. In service and style... the hotel is comparable to Singapore's Raffles Hotel! But at only half the price!
That's Mark checking us in. We got a pretty suite.
I love the bathroom!! Full of mirrors!! They have 2 sinks and vanity areas opposite to each other. And I love this concept... feels like I have a whole half of the bathroom to myself.

The bedroom is spacious, plenty of warm sunlight splashing in and it also has a balcony which faces the sea.
But you cannot swim in waters in these straits. Quite dirty because of all the shipping.
The swimming pool is gorgeous though. Water is soft ... not so harsh with chlorine like in Singapore.
And I got a massage by the pool. Only RM80 for 1 hour (S$30). (which is dirt cheap considering this is on hotel grounds) I wouldn't say it's a fantastic massage though... bit too hard for my liking.
Our first night there, we had the hotel buffet dinner. Sashimi heaven again for me!
I wore my sexy leopard print tube dress sponsored by !
Healthy breakfast in the morning! And healthy skin too- I'm just using ettusais DayTime Defense powder which has SPF protection.

Party night - at the Bagan Restaurant & Bar
It's a quaint little restaurant in an old house...
Mark's friend Grant who lives in Singapore, organised this party ( his birthday!) in Penang... and people from everywhere flew over to attend it.Food was fab... I had the lamb rack. (No Foie Gras on the menu though.... but I did have yummy prawns for starter instead).
This is the second time I'm attending a proper open bar and merry making type celebration with Mark. The first was late last year in Phuket and that was disastrous! Don't remember? Click here.
So I was very cautious this time not to get drunk and make a fool of myself (again) infront of his friends.
I think I did ok. :) Not much of a hangover in the morning either.
The performer was in drag. Very fun and entertaining... quite similar to the drag one in Pump room ( do they still perform there?? I haven't been in ages).
Back in Singapore now... back in the gym this morning. Next thing on my agenda is to get a personal trainer for about a month or so... and see if that makes any tangible difference. And Mark requested for a punching bag to be fitted in... oh I hope management agrees to it!!!


  1. Anonymous4:44 pm

    nice leopard print dress! I like the red one too.

    looks like u had a great time!

  2. Anonymous6:56 pm

    love the sexy black dress - your legs look fab - so many trips , do you work ?

  3. Wow! How much did you pay for the hotel? I wld love a good getaway (:

  4. Anonymous9:32 pm

    which condo do you stay at? the view from the gym looks nice

  5. anon6.56- yes I do work. But work is not a priority, I don't let it dictate the way I live my life. Work is split between my blog, freelance writing and a couple of english classes I teach.

    Steffanie- initial room we booked was at abt 200 nett a nite but no balcony . we upgraded to this one (same size but with balcony) at abt 240 nett.

    anon9.32- cant disclose due to privacy reasons. But tht gym (In pic) is not exactly at the condo. close by though.

  6. Anonymous10:25 pm

    why do you need a personal trainer? do you not think you are looking toned, tan and fab already?

  7. Hey Holly, i'm fr Penang actually, just that hubby is Singaporean, tat's why i relocated to time you are going, drop me a mail on my facebook, and i will recommend you some nice places for food n cheap stuff ;)

  8. Anonymous7:33 pm

    which gym you went to?

  9. Wow Holly,

    You're a sexy Monkey/Libra! I'm a Monkey/Gemini travel blogger. If you have time, check me out.

    Your blog rocks. I love the "5 steps to spot a tranny" article you have. I'll have to try out your tips next time I hit Thailand, lol.


  10. Anonymous5:43 am

    My apologies if this sounds crass, but do you realize just how ignorant and rude you sound with your 5 Ways to Spot a Tranny article?

    I think, next time, before you even think about making an article, you should actually do some research on the subject you're writing on.

    EVERYONE is different, and your generic directions are not fool-proof. Any of them. People like you are the reason that so much bigotry and hate gets spread.

  11. Anonymous8:55 pm

    śliczny brzuszek, i dupcia...


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