Me, Tweet? NEVER!

OK... so I was wrong. I couldn't resist the almighty twitter afterall.

This is my twitter accout - HERE

Just started my account.. and like I have 9 followers, and I'm following 2 ppl... pretty much all by default since I've not really clicked anything apart from figuring out how to update twitter through my mobile.

Not sure if this is old news to you (probably is, since I'm like way behind the twitter bandwagon)... you can Update your Twitter via SMS for free. CLick here. you can SMS your updates to a Singapore number instead of an overseas one.

OK.. follow me on twitter ok! :) By the way, can I mms pics as twitter updates too?


  1. I think you can. Maybe i should try it too :P

  2. i tried to update via MMS.. but it didn't work.


  3. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Yes you can.. Same account as Twitter..


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