Live Fast, Die Young...

Mark and I were at the Shangri-la having lunch by the poolside yesterday... when suddenly he suggested we go to the back where there is (hardly used) mini-golf (3 holes) course.

Without hesitation, I said yeah... and off we popped, grabbed the clubs and putter, and went round the back.... still in our wet swim wear.

At the very first tee, we started feeling itchy around the ankles. But I just thought it was the grass. At the second, hole, I lost my ball in the bushes (yes..I lost a ball at MINI GOLF... I'm THAT rubbish at it). And we started getting bitten many many times...

Of course we didn't finish.. we were out of there. Itching all over. And because I was in a bikini, I had bites all over my thighs and even bum! Torture. We counted 17 bites on me :(

Back home, we were having a laugh about how it wasn't a well thought out plan. So much for bloody spontaneity!
And this has made me think about my life.. and some of the impulsive things I've done.

My impulsiveness started all the way back when I was a young child. In primary one, I remember being pissed off with the class bully. I sat in the front row (shortie), he was somewhere at the back. So when the teacher asked the class to hand in homework, everyone from the back passed their home work to the front of the row, where the row leaders (me ) gathered everything and put it on the teacher's table.
So there it was.. his piece of homework... on my desk. And on impulse, I took my colour pencil, and scribbled coloured wiggles all over it. I did it so fast so no one would see me. And then slid his homework in the pile, along with everyone elses in my row.

And I can't remember how much later... but the teacher saw his homework and was furious! She called him to the front and the teacher questioned him about it. His face was priceless, because for the life of him, he could not figure out why his homework became an art piece (even Picasso couldn't do better!). And the teacher got even more angry when he couldn't explain himself (probably thought he was lying). To make a long story short, I did feel a bit guilty when he started crying.... but I was only 7... I got over it by recess time.

:( Of course I would not do anything as childish now that I am an adult (or would I???)... but it's one of those memories that make me go - Oh Holly Jean... What are you like?!

As a teenager and subsequently an adult... the same sort of impulse driven motivation was the exact thing that made me do a lot of spontaneous but not well thought out stuff.
I remember, when Tokyo Drift (or whatever the title of the first one was), came out in cinemas, I used to go out with guys simply because they could drift. Roof top carparks... and some piece of flat sandy land up Mount Faber... I'll be strapped in screaming whoooooo..... (so dangerous... illegal... and not to mention- Stupid).

Then there was Bali, 2 years ago... where my then BF and I signed up for a surfing session, paid the money for it.... all before I could ask them - If I could wear a life jacket (the answer was no), and how deep the water would be going (up to 3 metres out!). And back then I could not even swim ( I just learnt how to swim this year by the way, and I love it).
So that night, we were back in the hotel room, sleeping. Only I couldn't sleep, I was worried, that in the morning, I would drown out in the surf. To make another long story short... I did go ahead with the surfing that morning, I didn't die (obviously). But I shouldn't have. I should have asked questions before booking and paying for the session. And I should have seen that being out in the crashing waves was too dangerous for someone who couldn't even manage a swimming pool.

There are so many points in my life where I acted impulsively (including hitting on an obviously gay man in a club!)...

Yes... things could have worked out better had I thought all these things through before doing them.... but if the only other option were not not do it at all... then I say, nah, I'm glad I was so impulsive.

Live fast, die young... live slow...... die anyway.


  1. Regarding the Shang. Can the public/ breakfast goers use the pool?

  2. hmm.. don't think so. Cos many months ago, I did see them politely tell someone (who was there for the buffet lunch)the pool was only for guests.

    But we're members of the health club there, and it includes the pool, courts, etc.

  3. Jessjess2:20 pm

    Oh, ok that's cool. Know the prices? Are you satisifed with the facilities?

  4. hi holly jean

    I have been voting for you everyday

    As for this topic, I am opposite too you. I hate to do last minute type of things. I must consider long time before I say yes to anything.

    Maybe not so fun, I shld learn to take risks more:)


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