Dunk Me In This Charity Event!

I'm invovled in an upcoming charity event called the Nissan Summer Charity Car Wash. The event is on the 1st and 2nd of August. And you'll get a chance to dunk me!!! I'll be sitting above the dunk tank on the 2nd of August (sunday) at TanChong Motors Ubi from 3 to 4 pm! (so key this date into your calander ok!!)

If you've got good aim, come on down and try to dunk me ($2 for 3 tries). All proceeds will go to the ST Pocket Money Fund. You have to register first at the asiaone website. Every time you successfully dunk me, you increase your chances of winning the grand prize - a pair of return air tickets to Tokyo!
For everyone else, there are other games to play and lots of prizes to be won at this event... please don't forget to come by the dunk tank to say hi to poor me!

Can't wait to see you there! It's going to be fun!

Oh.. and have you voted for me today? 1 vote each day! Every vote counts!
Thank you :)


  1. Hello Holly, shenny here :) Already posted up the photos at my blog! Seeya that day :)

  2. hey hoped u din get dunked!

    btw, thx again for dropping by my new blog at http://www.wayangtimes.com/

    u may notice it is "cleaner" now. wondering if u'd like to do a link exchange? i have already linked u :)

  3. Are there anything shielding u from the miscues? lol


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