The Best Thing About Going Out Is Looking Pretty

Shallow I know... but I love dressing up. It's probably one of the biggest reasons why I bother going out at all. And it's even better when other people want to dress me!
I received my new bracelet yesterday,in time for the dinner. Very cute packaging! Handmade,14k gold plated... With my very own handmade puff angel. Every girl should have her own special puff angel! So many unique puff angels to choose from. Get yours at puff-accessories . You can have them on bracelets, earrings, necklaces, charms etc. My sponsors AnnYee dressed me in a halter top backless white dress. Ribbon stilettos. And a bling Bow Chain. And as always, make up is from ettusais.
I've got more stuff from them including cosplay stuff!... show you soon. They have loads of Korean/Japanese style party frocks and accessories. Go check out their stuff.
The event:
RBS Coutts

Annual Golf Tournament and Charity Dinner

24th July 2009

@ Singapore Island Country ClubThe table setting at the dinner was lovely! I used to always think that I'd have a pink theme for my wedding dinner... but after looking at last night's lush blue table layout... I think I might have to rethink the baby pink and pastels concept!Food was yums! I had sashimi...oysters... and duck... ( I didn't eat dessert!! OMG!) Apart from giving out prizes for the annual golf competition they had earlier that day, the purpose of the dinner was also to raise money for the Wheels Of Hope charity.

There was an auction of sporting memorabilia, like England signed football Jerseys, Pele's signed jersey, replica Louis Hamilton helmet... and art pieces as well as luxury carpets. (someone bid up to 10K for a carpet.. helloooo???? how rich are you?????)
Everyone who played in the tournament got an adidas weekend bag as freebie, I don't play golf... so I took Mark's :)Whoohoo! There was also a raffle... and we got this hamper from Hediards. I often walk past this shop along Tanglin (the building beside Tanglin Mall), in which Tai-tais sip tea and eat overpriced biscuits.The hamper has wine, chocolates, jam, almond puffs, soup in a bottle (?), dried tomatoes, tea, coffee and nuts. Will eat some of these stuff tomorrow and update you on whether this boutique type coffee/tea place is worth what they charge.

For those who are interested: There's this on the OMY website, and this in Shin Min today (in Chinese) about the whole Blog Theft Thing I blogged about last week. They rang me for an interview before it was going into print but I was busy teaching, so I don't know what exactly they wrote after all...(I can't read Chinese)


  1. Anonymous9:25 pm

    LOOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE the puff angels! so cute!

  2. Hi Holly,

    I like the white dress you wear and it looks elegance. Your watch looks nice. where you get it?

  3. hi CK

    I'm not a watch person. I only have one watch which my dad bought me, it's from sovil titus (might have spelled it wrongly)

  4. Hi babe, saw u and another blogger on the newspaper headlines this evening... i enjoy reading yr entries and can apply some in my liFe.. Shocked to read abt the news & i understand how it feel to be crowned as 'sex blogger' or rather someone whom is being misinterpreted. Come on ppl, her blog is not all about sex nor is she asking for sex , she is just writing her daily stuff and mind u, she's ex-teacher so im sure she know what she's doing pls, what about her make-up and other ladies stuff entries? Some ppl, for the sake of viewership juz like to report things one-sidedly and at the expense of others...

  5. Anonymous12:20 am

    shin min gave you a chinese name which is loosely translated as "holy gold". gold sounds like jean in chinese. i think they couldn't tell the diff between holy and holly. hahaha!

  6. The comments published are biased and all -ive towards Jean whom they might not know her well.. it's unfair and not ethical when u have not spoken to the person but u already made assumptions about her... in that case what's the diff betwn flaming except that yr job gives u the liberty to do it legally?

  7. Anonymous3:08 pm

    The best thing about going out, for me at least, is seeing my friends and enjoying time with them.

    If the best thing about going out is merely the dressing up in advance, I feel sorry for you.

  8. kingkong9:51 pm

    Genital hygiene vs Got A Cock? Snip It

    fight fight fight! :)

  9. celestina8:08 am

    I read te news on Shin Min on Sat & was shocked to see u & tat blogger on papers! Anyhow, u ought to meet the reporter for the interview prior to them published the news. At least u hv the chance to say yr peace.

    Also they hv made an error on yr age too, saying u are in yr 30s & tat blogger in her 20s. Perhaps they mix up...

    Well i take it as 'free publication' for you to be on papers again. : )

  10. Oh gosh the Puff Angels are so adorable :-)


  11. Anonymous1:36 am

    Me too! tempted.

    want to make a puff angel phone dangle.... not sure which angel i will choose to "adopt"


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