Baba Elmo

Today we did something different. After my meeting with Watson's (the office is in City Hall), Mark and I decided to walk to the Peranakan museum. It's on Armenian street.As most of you would know... I'm proud of my Peranakan heritage. Click here to read about my asian heritage. And Click here to find out more about our museums (and activities) in Singapore. They were having the Baba Bling exhibition. My Grandma actually has a few pieces of authentic Peranakan jewellery... would make great heirlooms. But I have 14 cousins (my mom's side of the family)... so I doubt anything would reach me :(
Oooh... by the way, my dress is a Sequinned bib Glamoranza. Sponsored by simplydolls. It has hand sewn sequins!
And because my life is one big juxtaposition (one minute I'm a mature grown woman... the very next minute... infantile...) ... I bought these Elmo flip flops at Watson's this evening (only $3 plus)! I couldn't resist them!


  1. Anonymous12:35 am

    I like your outfit! Where did u get it from? :)

  2. Anonymous12:36 am

    Oh..and I just realised you don't have the fringe anymore. U look nicer with long fringe!

  3. ilinked to the blogshop in my post actually :0

    u prefer this long fringe? I actually still prefer short bangs.. but so many have said tht side fringe looks better on me. hmmmm

  4. girl with the half-moon manicure8:10 am

    Absolutely LOVE the dress, Holly!

  5. Anonymous10:19 am

    Those white sandals are doing you no justice...ew!

  6. to girl with the half-moon manicure - Thanks! I love it too.

    anon 10.19 - hmmm.. yeah just realised they look quite chunky in the pic . :)

    i do agree tht something dressier would have been a better match. But it was day time ( didn't want to look too dressy)... plus major amount of walking about was expected that day. :)

  7. happy gurl10:43 pm

    hi holly. i checked out the museum link n actually went to SAM today cos it was free at lunch time. cool.

    thanks for sharing.

    N nice dress!


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