Yes, I am Obsessive. And Your Point Is?

You know how I said I suddenly discovered I loved Japanese food since that buffet 4 days ago. Well... I've had Japanese for lunch on Friday and Saturday. And today, Mark and I ate at 2 of the many places recommended by you guys.

Lunch was at Kuriya and Shaw Centre.
I had sashimi and the sushi with the roe (Toboki or something that sounds like that... haha), and Mackerel.
Sashimi was delish.... $20 for 5 tiny pieces... and sushi was great. Only didn't like the mackerel... bit dry.

And then for dinner, we ate at Yotei, at Forum Mall.
Food was great here too! Even the mackerel was nice and moist (like it should be!). But this place was soooo much cheaper! We paid $6 for the same 5 pieces of salmon sashimi... (only the presentation was not as elaborate as Kuriya.
Since it's so nearby... I think we'll dine here more often. But there's still plenty of great Jap restaurants to check out!
Popped by Sun & Moon at wheelock after lunch today... just to look at the menu.. and I think I'll love that place. Great ambiance... nice lighting, spacious.... best of all.. I even saw foie gras on the menu. A place with Jap food (at good prices too) AND foie gras on the menu... Heaven.
P/S- I've noticed the salmon I've been having over the last few days have varied colours.. some more pale, others more orangy pinky. Any idea why? Like is it just different parts of the fish? Or is it an indication of quality? I'm going to start making Japanese meals at home soon... so it'd be good to know what I should look out for.
Quick Update:
Here's blogreader Cindy- Winner of my first contest. Happy with her cute pink dress (so pretty!) courtesy of my darling sponsors


  1. Anonymous11:08 pm

    I never grow sick of Japanese food!!

  2. Hi Holly, Hope you will win the Best Lifestyle Blog!!! I've been religiously voting for you daily!!! you have to win!!! LOL

  3. Anonymous12:40 am

    you should try toro salmon next time. its the belly part of tuna. u can see the white fatty lines.. oooohhhhh yumz!

  4. Anonymous12:41 am

    oops i mean belly part of salmon!

  5. Anonymous3:12 am

    LOL! Having a Japanese feast now ey. Never say you don't like it until you try it! Join the club hey :) Japanese food is so healthy :D

  6. them Japanese food too...cant get enuf of it...MY WHOLE family hooked on it...try to get list of Japanese Joints in SGP...

  7. i think the more pinkish one is belly part n heard/taste its the most nicest somehow almost melts in the mouth kind of feeling...u make me wanna have jap food soon...

    how u rate Yotei? if its damn good, i think im gonna try that n the mackerel look delicious..

    lots of jap restaurant @ central. u might go crazy there if like jap restaurants n stuffs cos i became crazy when i was there. heh

  8. will check out all those places. Thanks!

    And Yotei... is gd value for money.. I can't really say if it's fantastic or not.. because it's only one of the few places i checked out so far. But def not bad. And if you go weekdays from like 2pm to 6 or something... (can't remember the exact timing) it's one for one on all plates! IMagine getting 2 plates of salmon sahsimi for $6. great great value. will def pop back there on weekday soon.

  9. Anonymous3:04 pm

    do check out Sakuraya if you can. all the friends i've brought there all like it! for sashimi, just pick what you from the counter and they will slice it up for you. i like the branch at Pasir Panjang... their dining area is simple but it's easy to pick up takeaways from there. there are other branches around the island as well. main thing is... they're reasonably priced for very fresh stuff!

  10. LOL. Better late than never! Jap food is delicious! Stay addicted. =)

  11. anon3.04- great! Am actually goin to Pasir Panjang this sat to check out a furniture auction! Will check this Sakuraya place out if I am close by. thnx!

  12. Anonymous11:48 am

    Cindy. u look cute in that dress. lucky you.

    when r u gonna give away the next free clothes???
    Or as one comment said so before- how about you make the prize a date with u!

  13. Check out for all the sashimi you can stock up - direct from the factory at cheaper prices! It's a tai tai secret. Only catch may be that it's in Woodlands...


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