Thanks For Your Support

First I'd like to say a big Thank You to all of you who have been voting for me everyday in the Singapore Blog Awards so far. Your support has been keeping me within the top 3 in the Best Lifestyle blog category.

And thank you for leaving supportive comments on the voting page... though I don't understand some.. like "Holly Jean You Rock My Gonads!" (????) haha.. But it made me smile all the same.

70% is based on a panel of judges. But your votes account for 30% of the final results. Which is a lot, so every vote counts. (voting ends 31st July)

This is my first time in the blog awards... I'm excited... but also aware that I'm up against bloggers who are already quite established. I'm going to do my best, keep on doing what I love and hope I'll get your continued support.

Today... I went down to the ettusais office. I went for a light natural look...
(click the links if you want to see the actual product) I just used my daytime defence powder, dark brown eyeliner, dark brown brow pencil to shade in natural looking, not overly dramatic eyebrows, no eyeshadow but I used a highlight just below my eyebrows (on the brow bone area), lightly dabbed on Cheek colour (RD1), and finished off with Sweet Marble lip gloss (pink). It's an easy 5 minute face! The colours are so light, natural and easy to apply that you just can't go wrong.
This is me rushing home to drop off my bag of ettusais goodies.... Is there anything in there for you?? Stay tuned to find out ... :)

Then Mark and I went for dinner with some friends. I ate like 3 tonnes of Sashimi from the buffet (shameless, I know... but I can't help it... I love it)... and you know what? I still could have sashimi for lunch tomorrow!

So we're back home now... and I've just gotten an invite to watch a preview of the movie Duplicity this coming Tuesday night with Mark (courtesy of Will be a hectic week next week.... because I also have a couple of meetings to attend midweek, and my friend F's wedding on the weekend. And on Wednesday, Mark is acting in one of my brother's short films... so I'm going down to the studio with him (I wouldn't miss it for the world!), and I do think Mark is such a darling for agreeing to help out.
We didn't take the camera to dinner. So I realised I didn't take any pics of my dress today (sponsored by So here it is... excuse my tired looking face... it's been a long evening.

Am off to bed. Good night.


  1. Ur technobimbofriend F :P1:21 am

    hols, am i supposed to be a member to vote? i tried to vote and leave comments but it says i gotta sign in or register?

  2. Yeah just register la. it only takes a few minutes. They dont spam ur email, dont worry. will only email if u win a prize ( cos thre are prizes for voters).

    Vote Everyday OK!

  3. u hv my support! muz throw a party n invite us if u win k?

  4. I've been wanting to throw a blog party for a while now.

    :) maybe I will!

  5. Anonymous9:24 pm

    Hey girl,

    Your daytime defence powder looks good. I mean there's no foundation line, even though ur tanned. And your face looks bright and radiant.

    I hate it when i apply foundation then my neck and face are different colours!

    :) Do update us soon about what's in that ettusais bag for us,k.


  6. yes.. it gives good coverage while staying lightweight n matte.

    :)yes there are goodies for readers..will blog about it soon

  7. Anonymous1:38 am

    Hey Holly,

    How would you compare powder highlighters to stick and cream ones? If you've used MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish, how does Ettusai's highlighters compare? I'm based in the U.S., which has a million and ton of make-up brands, so your opinion on what brands look good on Asian skin would be really helpful!


  8. HI clara...

    The Ettusais powder highlighter tht I use is much easier to apply and blend than stick and creams ones I used in the past. and it doesn't ever get cakey. Staying power is great.

    I don't use MAC i cannot compare the two, but the ettusais highlighter i linked to in this post is more of a soft shimmer which illuminates certain areas (some ppl use on cheekbones, but I use on browbone). Isn't the Mac product u mentioned more of a powder for the whole face?

  9. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Babe, what lenses are you using?

  10. some korean lenses from a blogshop here... they sponsored some pairs about 1 year ago. it should be in my archives,

  11. congrats wishes...

  12. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Hi Holly,

    MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish can be used as a highlighter if you get a shade lighter than your skin tone. Several Make-up Alley reviewers said it is actually better as a highlighter (because of the light mineral base that gives a matte finish as opposed to the usual frosty/metallic) than as an all over powder because it only gives medium coverage.

    I guess I'll find an Ettusais counter at a mall and try the highlighter for myself! Thanks for the reply though.


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