Sleeping Girl Gets Her Face Tattooed!

Just saw this on the news:

Yeah right... there's no way you could fall asleep while getting a tattoo (on your face!). Plus if she only wanted 3 stars... it would barely take 5 mins to do.

Now she wants to sue the tattoo artist?!

Me thinks she's just trying to avoid getting in trouble with Daddy.... The lying cow.

What do you think?


  1. I think the girl is full of crap. I've had a tattoo before and it wasn't even on a "sensitive" area like the face. There's no way you can sleep through something like that unless you're passed out from alcohol or drugs.

    I have to agree that she thought it would be cool to up the ante on the family tradition by getting 56 instead of 3, and when the family wasn't so happy about it she claimed it was done to her without consent.

  2. Anonymous4:47 am

    Oh yes, a very bad liar. No way that could happen.

  3. at first when i was watching the news, looking at the sad face and the wet eyes, i honestly pitied the girl. she's only 18, a young teenager who would want to put on make up and stuff.

    (plus, i was actually thinking the tattoo artist paid that only witness who noticed the whole event- see, i was biased when i was watching it the first time)

    but now that you point this out, which in my opinion is a "duh! logic tells you this!" i must say she is so gonna get into trouble, especially this media attention.

  4. I think she regretted and decided to sue so she doesn't have to pay and she can get money in return.


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