Quick Updates

Girls, you can check out ettusais nail art recipes (easy nail art instructions).

Have you submitted your Watson's You Award entry online? 7 days left!

My latest columns on myfatpocket.com - What hairstyle suits a round face? and How To Break Up With Someone (with minimal pain).

And stay tuned... giving away free annyee.com dresses in an online contest real soon!


  1. Anonymous11:15 pm

    Looking forward to the contest! I love online shoppin~

  2. Anonymous12:54 am

    Yeah contests, that will be great though. =)

  3. Anonymous1:28 pm

    Dear Holly,

    Would you be able to write an article on "What are the things that couples could come together to do in Singapore"?

    I'm kinda like running out of ideas.


  4. ok.. will give tht a think... :)


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