My Computer Hates Me

:( My comp crashed...

And the hard disk is spoilt... which means all those pics over the last 4 years or so which I have't saved online... ARE GONE! Apart from my Spain, England and Phuket folders (because Mark has them on his comp), photos of all my past shoots, Birthdays, ex-BFs (won't miss those), friends.... all gone.

There are many people I feel like pointing fingers at but I really only have myself to blame.

Data retrieval is bloody expensive (any idea how much???) so not sure if I'll get it done.. or just forget about it.

Hopefully, I'll win this Pink baby from Toshiba at the end of the year. (An ettusais brand ambassador will get it). Look at it! So pretty, pink and light weight.

*fingers crossed*

I'll be going down to the ettusais office tomorrow evening to check out their new products (yes.. more new pretty stuff to share with you).

But right now, I'm going for my regular brazilian wax. Have you had yours? Click here :)
Then I'm teaching for a few hours.... and tonight... I'm buying Sashimi and other stuff from the supermarket and doing a quick but yummy Japanese dinner for Mark & I. Show you pics after!


  1. We tend to forgot how important the data on our desktops, laptops and handheld devices are - until we lose them.

    The cheapest option may be to get yourself one of those sleek external hard-drives (Seagate is my favorite) to backup your pictures, videos and other data.

    As for Brazilian wax... do only girls read your blog now? :)

  2. Anonymous5:29 pm

    hi holly jean,
    hope you get the notebook(:

  3. Anonymous6:57 pm

    As shantanu says, an external hard drive would do the job. Backing data up is one of the most boring tasks i can think of, but worth bothering with.

    But my favourite is to buy the odd USB stick. You can buy large capacity ones for a few bucks, and they're a quick, simple & small form of backup.

  4. omg holly i don't think i can tahan a brazilian wax! lol. how long have you been doing it?

  5. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Hard disk spoilt??? Was it over indulged as a child or something?

  6. Yeah.. boys.. I know I know... will start backing up from now on... :( lesson learnt.

    qq- it's not as bad as u think. view this -

  7. You can get data retrieval at a decent price but you must source around. I guess it depends how sentimental you are about the information you had inside. A good practice to have, is to get an external hard drive and do a back up once a week. That way, the loss is not so heartwrenching.

  8. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Oh ya, she hates you. haha! you should quit computer from now on. haha!

  9. thanks holly! (:
    might try it some day!!

  10. i bought my toshibaPINK for $1600 =)

  11. fantastic. :)

    is it serving you well? any pros and cons abt the machine I shld know abt?

  12. Anonymous4:40 am

    hey, are you settling on golddust for your bwax already? is it consider the best (in terms of both cleanliness + hygiene + price?) so far out of the reviews you gave some time back?

  13. I do have waxes at golddust often.. but I'm always open to trying new places.. I'm curious like that.

    so far, for the price golddust charges, it's great value because it is hygenic, and she uses only hard wax ( which is much less painful and much more costly is salons). but i think what draws me to golddust is the personal feeling of the place, she's such a nice person, and makes the whole experience very pleasant.. (not factory like). That's my opinion :)


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