Japanese? Yes Please!

Swimming has been going well for me!

I'm now doing 10 laps. Which is a far cry better than when I first started learning! I have a perpetual tan now though... and keep getting shades darker as weeks go by. My hair is at its all-time driest. But they are all minor disadvantages as this is the best body toning I've had in a looooong while. I feel it especially around the trunk of my body (am focused on the crawl/freestyle now).

Yesterday (Thursday), I started my morning with my swim. (Yes, I know my bikini is mismatched. I just have a drawer full of tops and a drawer full of bottoms, and sleepily pick a random top and bottom out).F came over at 10 plus am, to spend the day with Mark and I. This is the first time she's meeting my BF. Then, we all went to the gym together. Initially, F and I had planned to cook lunch together. She even brought her cook book :)

But when Mark suggested we eat out instead (after gym... on the way home)... she jumped and said YES. (Hmmm... does my best friend not have confidence in my kitchen competence????)And then (!!!)... the two of them fancied having a buffet lunch! Eeeks! I just spent my morning swimming... and the gym. But it was difficult to talk THREE people out of a scrumptious meal. [Yes.. three people... because deep inside... I really wanted to pig out too.] So I decided... to take sashimi, couple of sushi, prawns, and oysters. Mark has aways said that Japanese food is healthy and pretty much calorie free. But I've always resisted... always said that I hate raw food and Japanese food. And insisted that people only pretended to love Japanese food because they were being pomp and pretending to be cultured.

Now.. I have to eat my words. Quite happily too. I loooove Japanese food! can't believe it took all these years for stubborn me to come round to it.

So... definitely will be checking out Jap restaurants and updating you. Any recommendations??

Oh... by the way... I'm being a bit deceptive here... what is not pictured - is a plateful of roast beef, pate, asparagus, roast chicken skin (yes.. I only ate the skin!!!)... one small pannacotta, a couple of cream puffs and 2 creme brulees... all of which I ate with unadulterated glee. So now you know why I didn't want to go for a buffet lunch?!


  1. Celestina2:13 pm

    Wow... u hv indeed improved so much on yr swimming skills.. but yr 10 laps is it non-stop?? : p i better buck up

    Hmm... indeed yr bikini colour was rather mismatched : ) For yr hair problem, i suggest swimming cap. I hv use tat before but of course its not 100% protection. But its definitely much better. U try & let me knw if u agree : )

  2. Hi celestina..

    no.. not nonstop like the olympics... more like.... swim a few laps, reach the end, and stand up, ask my Bf "This lap number what???" THen whine for a few seconds that I can't breathe properly or my arms ache (haha), then continue.

    But i don't like take a break and lie in the sun. haha... tempting though!

    What kinda cap do u use? is it silicon? any brand u reccomend? Is it difficult to get long hair into it? I can't be bothered to wrestle with the cap or worse still- need my BF to do it for me.

    right now, I slosh on loads of hair treatment cream or ultra conditioner. then go swim without rinsing it out.

  3. celestina5:20 pm

    Hi Holly
    Yes its te silicon type. But brand i cant remem, i didnt buy te expensive type cos i dun swim tat regularly. Tat time i had long hair too & after ea swim my hair was dy terribly dry hence i hv no choice but to wear te ugly swimming cap of mine: ( But i tink u can get a pinky swimg cap : p

    u actually gave me an idea. With the conditioner apply on hair & with the swimming cap i tink its gog to work superbly well. tis way it wnt dirty the pool & at the same time really minimise the dryness

    Try & let me knw plsss : )

  4. Anonymous8:02 pm

    ur bf is very free...what does he work as? u spend so much time together..is that a good thing?

  5. he's in law. mentioned before.

    yeah we spend a lot of time together. I'd say it's a gd thing for us.. we've been doing it 8 months nowa and it keeps getting better :)

    diff couples want diff things i guess.

  6. hey holly, may i know where you had the buffet?

    kuishin bo's jap buffet is good! (:

  7. Anonymous10:46 pm

    hey holly cldnt help noticing how much ur body changed! In s factor which i believe was last year, u dun look athletic n fit. Kinda scrawny. Now you look hot, babe! Well my body is ur s factor's bod. Tips pls??? Oh yea i cant swim for nuts. A shame cos i wld love to have bigger n broader shoulders. Urs look bigger than what it was during the s factor show. Cmon tips pls???????? :(

  8. sun & Moon at borders, think its one level above Borders. not a buffet tho. try the half broiled salmon,its fuckin super duper nice - if u like salmon that is.i don like not spicy food, so i just rate the cook food 3.5/5. grilled cod something something is nice.but if its not to ur liking, don blame me. but i like it alot.the ambience is nice too

  9. xoxo i had it at the line, shangri la hotel. abt 50 for lunch buffet.

    I've heard of kushin bo.. is it at suntec tht one??

    anon10.46, my weight is pretty much the same as last year, but yeah more muscles now... it's a combi of gym and swimming ( I only learnt to swim this year). I still eat like a pig. no change there. helps tht my partner is fit, so it encourages me to take up the same lifestyle.

    baby steps is what i advice.. small changes for the better..

    Dinark--- ok will check out tht sun and moon place... always go to wheelock for the "big O" my fav slice of cake at the place opposite NYDC. so def will pop over to the jap place u recommended.

    Thanks everyone!!

  10. Anonymous12:16 am

    Some recommendations:

    1) Akashi at Paragon (B1)
    2) Sun & Moon
    3) If you fancy teppanyaki, go to Jurong Hill Top
    4) Sushi Tei is also pretty decent, with a good price line
    5) Tonkichi at Suntec (located at the fountain level); they serve really good katsu (cutlets), one of the best around IMHO.

    Places you can give it a miss:
    1) Kushin-bo. The Line at Shangri-la is better.
    2) Hojin 7 at Adam Road (lousy service, below average quality, high price)
    3) This shabu-shabu/grill food restaurant at vivo (cannot remember the names, but they are next to each other)
    4) Any Shake Sushi (for the similar price, Sushi Tei is much better)

    Generally, for me, any Jap restaurant that can serve a good katsu, then I will give the rest of the food a try. Else, forget it, has not gone wrong for me....yet.

  11. yup kuishin bo is at suntec. there's one at great world city too!
    (anonymous: kuishin bo is value for money considering their freshness and standard of the food. anddd its an all round jap buffet. The Line is international.)

  12. ck / kc7:02 pm

    I support you and voted you, Holly!

  13. I know i know, it's The Line right! How can you resist their desserts? :P

  14. Anonymous11:42 pm


    That pic - wearing white and pink bikini.... your body is so hawt!

  15. Hi Holly,

    like xoxo, my recommendation will be Kuishin Bo....fresh and nice!!! go there for dinner :) i do have some pic at my facebook

  16. Anonymous9:43 pm

    hi holly,

    you should definitely check out this place:

    Senki Japanese Restaurant 109 Killiney Road

    my boy and i head there all the time whenever we crave some japanese.

    Senki can definitely rival Ikoi, supposedly the best japanese restaurant in singapore, and Hanabi (a popular choice amongst singaporeans for some reason) doesn't even come close to the quality and freshness of Senki's buffet.


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