It's Great To Be A Woman

My wardrobe is so massive, I scare myself sometimes... but one thing's for sure, be it from my sponsor or blogshops, or stuff I buy on my own.... my clothes are never expensive.
I don't like expensive clothes, I think it's a rip off.

I'm not envious of my peers who wear expensive dresses, or have luxury hand bags.

I think i would get awfully sick of an expensive handbag! Everytime I see them... it's the same 3000 dollar bag they're lugging about, no matter what colour outfit they're wearing! So poor-thing. I would much rather have a $30 bag, with a cute print, and 20 other cheap bags all in different designs to suit different looks. Just because it's not designer, doesn't mean it has to look bad or cheap.
I was at Far East Plaza yesterday and I bought 3 new outfits for this week. I spent only $80 total for all 3 outfits :) The floral skirt and white tank will be worn on Tuesday night to the movie screening of Duplicity (stay tuned for pics and my review). The casual comfy set - long white tank with pink shorts is for the shoot on Wednesday morning. And the zip-front dress will be worn on Thursday to my meetings with Watsons and Myfatpocket (And I'll be trying out Kushinbo Japanese buffet at Suntec since I'll be in the city hall area for meetings). Yum!

I actually have a load of stuff from my sponsors on the way. But that will take a few more days. (And another great blogshop... will link and show you stuff when I receive them).

What about you? Are you brand conscious? Or trend conscious? Or like me, are you the kind who has a wardrobe FULL of clothes, and yet you find yourself saying OMG I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!


  1. i think white tank and pink skirt is so pretty!

  2. Anonymous6:39 pm

    I wouldn't say I'm brand conscious but most(not all) tend to have better cuts and fits and use quality fabrics which translate to better fall of the garment on the body. Details are very well made, too, which gives the clothing experience very pleasurable.

  3. Rogue067:24 pm

    To me, having the clothes to fit you nicely is more important. And yes, I'm someone who always exclaims that I don't have anything to wear when I have a closet full of clothes. =)
    I admire your style very much. You can make something so simple to be so gorgeous! =)

  4. Anonymous7:40 pm

    Hahaha I laughed out loud when I read your entry because I am EXACTLY like you! I even had to resort to using to using my parent's cardboard because I buy so much clothes..and yet I still find myself going sometimes 'AHH NOTHING TO WEAR!'

    I don't ever buy clothes more than $50 per piece..and I have tonnes of cheap but gorgeous $20 bags from overseas shops...and I love the variety because I'm always wearing something different! :) It makes my friends go, "wah, your dad prints money?"..fact is, I just don't spend my $4k on a boring LV bag when I can use the same $4k to get myself over 50 different bags!

    I'm not one that wants supreme quality that will last me forever..I'm pretty fickle-minded so I rather have quantity over quality, which some might think it's vulgarly excessive ;P But at least when my $20 bag is spoilt, I don't get a huge burn in my heart..I just throw it away and go 'yay! time for a new bag!'. Of course quality is still important, but I don't believe in paying my entire paycheck for one silly bag.

    I do understand the appeal behind brand names's a socially-constructed need that will never go away. But I do find it funny that some girls justify their branded buys by going 'they last a lifetime!' Uh huh, but I see those girls carrying different branded bags all the time, so I don't see how valid is the 'lifetime' excuse.

    - Jen

  5. Hi Dee... yeah I like it too, Mark chose that outfit .

    Lee - yes I agree, you do pay for quality. And when you buy cheap clothes you have to pay more attention to details, and stitching. Otherwise I'd end up with a shoe that comes apart.. or worse still.. stripes that don't run exactly in line when the fabrics are stitched toegther.

    Thank you Rogue, :) and I received your email earlier, I've replied :)

    JEN- Phew! I'm not alone :) Worse still is... I'm a hoarder.. keep having new clothes but can't bear to throw out the old (especially since most of my stuff hardly been worn... got too many~!)

    and yes.. i agreee... i don't really care for quality, and I esp don't want something tht can last my lifetime~!!! how dull!

  6. hmmm...i envy people like clothes but know how to wear it nicely. look expensive/branded stuffs. i don buy branded clothes. i buy cheap stuffs like u but i look cheap. heh not that cheap slutty look. look sloppy. i think its how u wear it that make u & the clothes on u look nice..ya?

  7. pair it with nice accessories! (though i admit I'm quite lazy with accessories... could do more)

    and colours! colours of the clothes are important.must suit u and make u feel good.

    easy look to pull off.. for this season is the full or layered shortskirt, quite high waisted but with a thickish belt and tuck in a matching plain tanktop (best if tanktop is white or pastel colours). and comfy but coloured flat ballet pumps (cotton on has $14). So comfy.. yet pretty looking.

  8. Socky aka Pearlin12:29 am

    xD Love your pink skirt!
    It's really great to be a woman~ Love shopping at far east plaza!

  9. Celestina7:53 am

    I love tat pinky shorts u have. U got it at Far East?? How much?

    I dun believe in buying branded expensive stuff. Cheap stuff can be equally gd & nice too
    But at the same time, I'm sure everyone heard this, cheap stuff dont last. I dun mean they should last 4ever & ever. But my experience is, the quality nowadays are real bad. U may come across buying a beautiful pair of shoes or bag but it only last for awhile?! : (

    Quality & the value of the item does come hand in hand...

  10. $5 for the shorts. some closing down sale. It's the shop on the third flooor,justin front of escalator.

  11. Anonymous3:52 pm

    I don't think I'm brand conscious but my own experience is that designers' dresses/bags are of better quality. I like my dresses in a nicer cut or fabric and don't mind paying more... although I'm still trying to accept how girls blow a few thousand buckeroos on a bag...

    I don't think I have loads of clothes but I often have nothing to wear. haha! it's nice to have a clothes sponsor!

  12. kingkong1:05 am

    please dont forget your male audience.

  13. hi kingking.. :D


    will keep the boys in mind for the next post.

  14. just one question, if you were given a 3000dollar designer bag one day, would you sell it to buy 100 nice $30 bags or keep it and flaunt it?

  15. celestina4:45 pm

    You mentioned it is given, so of course keep & flaunt it

    The debate here is whether one should splurge on an expensive item than getting something cheaper that is value for $$

  16. i guess i'll be the first to admit i'm brand conscious! Well, for bags at least! But no I'll not wear it for all outfits!

    For clothes, I think it's wiser to get them cheap. After all, they copy them very well from designers. In fact, I saw your cute shorts featured in Vivi Magazine but it's a designer piece!

    Shoes too... I can't get myself to spend hundreds for a pair... just... can't...!

  17. Anonymous6:51 pm

    I have seen many ppl... wearing branded expensive stuff but looking so bad.

    So what if it's suppossedly a great cut or better quality. It doesn't always translate to looking good.

  18. hmmm.. to me it really doesn't matter if my stuff are branded or not.

    I have a lot of cheap dresses etc which fit and suit me just fine.

    Not sure if I'll have the same stance when I get older... and like I dunnoe... feel like I should wear more expensive stuff to show off to other wives etc.. haha. not sure if I'll be like tht.

    but for now, some of my favourite dresses are like 20bucks.


    Actually if the $3000 bag was a gift, I'd keep it because it would be rude to sell it off! But if like.. I won it in a lucky draw or somethin... so it has no sentimental value... I'd sell it and buy many many many clothes bags shoes. I can honestly buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes with 3k!

  19. i think u blog reading them~ i have the same sentiment as you regarding those expensive bags....ha....

  20. i tink if u are exotic or unique, u dun nit expensive clothes to bring out yr personality.. a $3 shirt will look equally as good..

    But erm for handbags, it's more worthwhile to invest on a 'good' one for its durability.. :P

  21. Anonymous10:14 pm

    When I was younger like in early 20s, I go for quantity clothes, shoes and bags. Now in my late 20s, I go for quality bags and shoes. Clothes generally not too expensive... Quality matters more now I guess. Just me..

  22. Anonymous2:44 pm

    hi! (:
    I really love the floral skirt and both white tank tops(:
    May i know which shop/part in far east you bought it from?(:

  23. sorry i dont remember the names.
    the white tank with pink heart, and the shorts were 5bucks each at a Closing down sale, 3rd flr, in front of escallator.

    Skirt was $22 and white tank $13 basement.

    the sipper dress.. i absolutely can't remember. was some corner shop on the second flr.


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