Holly Jean's Short Cut Paella Recipe

Ever since Spain last month... I've been loving and craving Spanish food.It's a BIG change for me, considering that I hardly had any Spanish food before last month.

Last wednesday, Mark and I went to Bodega Y Tapas (it's in Orchard, just off Orange Grove Road). I still have my tan from the holiday, and I've been swimming every other day now. Body is getting fitter.. BUT my hair is getting drier! Am thinking of getting a swimming cap now... but am afraid of looking like an idiot (especially when I can't really swim THAT well). [Help!]

Like my new outfit? It's a Leopard print skirt with black tank... kindly sponsored by blogshop MarchAvenue. They have new items in stock, and in limited quantities.. so do check it out. :)

Welcome to my kitchen! I've created a short cut Paella recipe! Woots! Main thing is... it's pretty EASY yet tastes great.

Try it out and do let me know how it goes! :)

P/S- I've received many entries with pics of Fashion mistakes (thank you girls!) ... 2 more days before closing date. (those who sent in without blacking out their faces, do let me know if it's not ok to show your face, otherwise I'll post with the face shown). Everyone else- Do keep them coming!!


  1. Anonymous1:19 am

    nice tan and nice sandals! (not a fan of animal prints but u look nice in the dress) where are the sandals from?

  2. the sandals are espadrills that I've had for a couple of years now. bought at some cheap shoe sale... can't remember where. (sorry)

    I am also not a fan of animal prints cos it can look very tacky and aunty. But it's actually quite sexy if it's like a little skirt, a small clutch bag or a detailing. Just not all at once in one outfit ! :)

  3. Anonymous8:18 pm

    Hi Holly! I tried it!!!!!!

    tasted ok. but rice was too mushy because i stir too much. :( But my BF was very very impressed anyway! haha.

  4. Anonymous11:57 pm

    sexy, tonned, tan body...what's your number?

  5. Anonymous10:52 pm

    How come you got accent one ah? Extra Singaporean hor...

  6. Anonymous7:13 pm

    nice post. thanks.


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