Broken Blusher & Messy Desks

Today I dropped my blusher :( And it broke. I'm addicted to this blusher - won't use anything else! Oh well... great reason to pop down to the ettusais counter!
I love looking at ettusais a little girl in a pink candy store. There's so much to try out.
I'm not wearing heels yet I look like a bloody giant around these girls! (Was it the camera angle or what?!) These ettusais girls (counter staff) are really helpful... I went to the one in Isetan, Shaw Centre. (Convenient as I planned to try out Sun & Moon for lunch!)
Big Whopping thanks to blog reader Dinark for recommending this place. (Will check out the other places readers have recommended soon.) [PS- The tunic/dress is from ]Price wise... it's only slightly more expensive than Yotei at Forum (Where I had dinner yesterday)... and much much cheaper than Kuriya at Shaw centre (where i had lunch yesterday!). Tasted GRRRREAT! Plus I had yummy pan seared foie gras (bottom right side of pic)... deelish!
I'm such a disgusting pig... Nothing left.... all gone.

Have you got a messy desk? Submit a pic of your workstation and you could win a Logitech Workstation Makeover!

You know... it's actually been 1 year now that I resigned from teaching in a secondary school! But I do remember having an absolutely messy workstation.... I just tried to dig up a pic of my ex-workstation to show you all... haha... but this was all I could come up with. So if I were still working there and had this workstation... I think it'd be very deserving of a makeover! What about you? If you think your workstation could do with a free make over, why not try your luck?!


  1. Anonymous12:41 am

    You're looking scrawny.Beef up a little...It makes you look healthier.

  2. good to hear u had a delicious lunch at sun & moon. :-)

  3. i think she looks fine. very toned.

    But GOD your ex-workstation is MESSY!! haha... never saw that side of you before. Thanks for sharing

  4. Yours consider MESSY?! Then mine? IL's? MR.H's? Yours was good. At least i got work done there the few times the owner was away! Haa...

  5. haha... yeah was well aware tht ppl always used my desk to get their work done while I was away. Lol.. cos I'd come back to it and find random bits- like a mug.. or a pen tht's not mine.. still on it.


  6. Anonymous2:59 am

    Here's a tip for broken blusher/eyeshadow (as long as its not minerals):
    You can pound it all up and mix it in some rubbing alcohol (Guardians/Watsons sell it) until it's like a paste in the same container. Then just let it sit till it dries and voila, your shadow/blusher is as good as new.. Hope this helps. I love your blog..

  7. Anonymous5:31 am

    OMG! is tht true????

  8. Anon2.49- WHAT A GREAT TIP!

    I'll try it out soon.

  9. babe, i realised ettusais's press powders can break easily!!!! My blushers and eyeshadows broke down for no reason. haha. i swear i didn't drop it or anything.

  10. HI fion alex...
    oh dear they broke just like tht ?

    I have tonnes of stuff from ettusais, and they're all ok... except for this blusher which I dropped. :S


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