Which Would You Prefer?

Hello everybody,
Please just take a few secs to tell me your preference for the Comments Layout.

There are 3 Options

Option 1: At the end of the post.
When you click "comments", the page refreshes and the comments appear at the end of the post you were reading. (This is the current comments section layout on my blog)Option 2: Small pop up window
This means that when you click "comments", the blog page remains the same but a little window pops up for you to read/type in your comments. (not sure if it'll be affected by pop up blockers?? will it?)
Option 3: The blog page you were on changes to a comments page when you click "comments". Help me out here. Tell me which you prefer by just clicking on one of the options in this poll.

Thank you So Much! :)

Update: ok, thanks for letting me know your preference everyone. Based on Vote, we'll have the comments pop up in a small window from now on. Anyone has majr gripes abt this, just drop me a note. :)


  1. i voted option 2 and i use that option on wayang times as well :) though i think option 1 is good too. but not option 3 since it takes ur reader away from ur blog.

    and i do have pop-up blocker but it doesn't block the comment pop-up so far.


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