S Factor Unplugged

Long overdue... but here it is....

Do I think it was rigged?

It would be very difficult to rig a reality TV show... but not impossible. All it would take is strategic planning and a number of alternative routes. For instance, the use of wild cards, or immunity (or withdrawal of immunity), even with the choice of the grouping and who you match people up with in different challenges.

Was S-Factor rigged? I honestly don't know. There are some who believe so.... and some who say otherwise.

I did feel (as I pointed out in my previous blog post) that episode 7 felt like a fix to me, because (I re-watched the episode) we were told by Max (the host) right before the first challenge started that the winner of the first challenge (paper boats thingy) would get immunity... but later, when Sherine won... suddenly the "surprise" was that there was no immunity. Maybe they should not have mentioned immunity for the first challenge at all, that way there would be no contention when all 3 girls are told to move on to the second challenge.

Yes, Max did point out at the start that there was going to be a "surprise" after the challenge. But if Sonia or Kay kay had won the paper boat challenge, my gut feeling tells me that they would have gotten the due immunity. What's the surprise then? That the challenge was not based on time at all but based on character (and patience).

But since Sherine won that challenge, we ended up with 2 surprises instead. That's just my gut feeling... it's not a sure thing and I don't have concrete evidence.

What about the last episode?
Yes, we knew that all 12 girls would be back in the last episode. But the producers never gave us details about what was going to happen. (Element of surprise makes for good drama). So I didn't know they were going to dig up videos of the girls saying things about each other, etc. And I didn't know there was going to be a QnA round for the 2 finalists. In fact, I didn't even know who the last two finalists were (as I was eliminated in episode 4). I did think however, there would be some form of voting (but that was purely my own assumption, and was not told anything).

Did both Sonia and Kay kay stand an equal chance?
I know that Kay kay knows David Furhman Lim (the FHM judge) and she has worked with FHM previously for a cover. Sonia, as far as I am aware, has no affiliations with them.

[With regards to FHM- I think the producer pointed out that other girls in the competition(including myself) appeared in FHM previously as well. I don't know about the other girls... but my friend (Levan) sent my picture in for the FHM Girls Next Door competition last year. And that was it... I hardly exchanged one word with David F Lim... so it's hardly anything close to the rapport that Kay Kay has with him. ]

But is this rapport enough to skew the results? I actually don't think so. In addition, the other two judges were from neutral ground. And I feel that David would not mind giving Sonia the win... as she would look equally sexy (as kaykay) on the cover of his magazine.

I think that even though many may think that Sonia answered the questions more truthfully or with more sincerity... in my opinion, Kay Kay did fair better.

During that round, Sonia looked defeated and lacked confidence. So if I were a judge, comparing the two, I would say Kay kay should win, because she did better that round.

Why did I pick Sonia to win then?
Actually... I was thinking about who to pick right up to the point where it was my turn to answer.

As a contestant, I judged based on the whole competition and how it was played by these two individuals.

And I realised that yes... Kay Kay is the ring leader in her clique (which includes Sonia), and yes, she is more articulate and intelligent than Sonia.... but I also saw a hard side to her.

That is why I said that she was like the Queen Bee... but had no problems letting her minions take a fall.

(By the way... when I said that.. the camera panned to a shot of Sherine's face looking sad. But I was actually not referring to Sherine at all. I actually meant people like Sonia... who came off looking so bad in the earlier episodes...).

I realised that Sonia had such animosity (and aggression) towards Kris... not because she was a bad person... but because she's (I'm sorry to put it like this) stupid. She was manipulated by those around her to hate Kris... and because she was the gung-ho one... willing to lash out at Kris, they happily let her do so. Let her take the fall... for their entertainment.

If I were Sonia's true friend.. I would have pulled her aside and talked sense into her. Kris did nothing wrong to her. In life... there are too many battles to be fought... you just have to learn to fight the battles that matter... and rise above the battles that don't.

But instead.. they willingly let her look like an idiot... and even supported and encouraged her actions.

So even though I started off disliking Sonia's aggression and "bullying" in the first few episodes... I ended up realising that she was a mere pawn and that she didn't really give her actions much thought. And I started to see a very human side of her. We all make mistakes.

And to address Kay Kay's statement that I should have defended Kris during the second episode when the girls were mocking Kris behind her back... Hello?? I only just met the girl the episode before.. I don't know anything about her other than her name. I didn't find it funny so I didn't join in the hysterics. What was I to say? That Kris is a fantastic person and all of you are bitches (when I don't actually know any of you either)? Or would it perhaps be easier to just join in the bullying so as not to appear the prudish-odd-one-out that the whole group starts to dislike?

Was it Scripted?
Many have asked me this. NO. It wasn't. Whatever stupid (but damn cute) thing Xuesha said, or whatever prejudiced statement Sonia made about Kris.... was not scripted at all.

What do I think about the Sherine-KayKay debacle?
I think that Sherine can blog whatever about whoever she wants.. and KayKay can't sue her or anything because she did not mention her name.

I don't remember exactly what Sherine said in her blog. But I do remember thinking at the time... that it was very childish of her to lash out at anonymous people on her blog. And not as if they were sensible gripes. But it was like " %$#! ......short....*blah blah*.... Fucking Bitch... with the Fake boobs... %#@&!!" type of statements.

And of course... if I knew she was referring to me.. I would hate her, not help her and leave her out of my clique. But to start printing out her blog pages.... when my name wasn't even mentioned in it in the first place??? hmmm... I don't know if it's an over reaction...

And it's ok if they bitch about Kris behind her back. But it's not acceptable if Sherine bitches about them behind their backs?

I also think Sherine could have manipulated the situation to her own advantage... but didn't. She should have flat out denied that the person she was writing about was Kay kay. After all... no names were mentioned. And Kay Kay would not have a case at all if Sherine maintained that it wasn't about her at all.

But instead, first she totally denied writing it. Then she said it was to entertain her readers (?!). Then she said it was because Kay Kay was unfriendly to her so she was angry with Kay Kay?? But I thought Kay Kay started being unfriendly towards Sherine only AFTER the blog post (at least that would make sense to me). Well, anyway... she did end up looking like she just cannot be trusted.

Plastic surgery?

When asked about plastic surgery, Kay Kay did say that she would not have any plastic surgery but wouldn't mind small things like botox etc as they were not permanent changes. (I think this was during the first ettiquette challenge in episode 6, or maybe some other episode, but definitely not my imagination)

And then in the last episode, they attack Sherine for claiming she was au naturel and hiding the fact that she has a nose implant. I find all of it very hypocritical as Kay kay herself is no stranger to silicon.

Do I regret doing S Factor?
Nope. It was such good fun and such a great experience. I've learnt some good lessons from this show (that you can't pick up no matter how many universities you attend!). And I'm sure all this publicity is good for the show.

If there is a new season next year.. I'll definitely watch it... I do find it damn entertaining. Such a pity everything had to be condensed into half hour episodes.


Ok.. now for 13 hours of torturous transience. But this time, I've got a comfy pillow with me (in fact 2! one for Mark as well!). Can't wait to be back on home ground. Back to skin pampering humidity! (it's too dry here)


  1. Anonymous3:38 am

    Thanks for taking your time to write this. I agree with most of the things you pointed out. But I don't really think Sherine is someone who totally cannot be trusted. I just feel that she wants to bitch about others (particularly in her blog) but she doesnt really know how to play such bitching games. Means she's not qualified to bitch well and to succeed in making the victims miserable. Not clever enough to play with words hence often contradicts herself. I've seen several cases like this. wanna be the "norm" and join the crowd when her personality doesnt fit. Hope you get what I mean. good night and I look forward to your next entry! have a good rest!


  2. sense6:16 am

    Hi Holly, it was really interesting to read what you have written and I totally respect that.

    Look at how KK behaves, that is why I just feel that she doesn't deserves to win. But then again, perhaps thats the kind of personality that the producers are looking for and that is what the FHM wants to represent them. Like I mentioned before, she should have been given the title as the "B" Factor rather than the "S" factor winner would have been more appropriate.

    I don't think Sonia should have won too but between Sonia and KK, just thought that Sonia is more likable between the two. Yes, I don't agree that someone should laugh at other's pronunciation or looks. I was disgusted to see of their behavior. It reflects on their character.

    I guess many do not like KK and that is why when she won, people started to dig out discrepancies of the show. Honestly, if you, Holly, have won, I would probably not bring up anything and the conflict of interest does not matter anymore. Everyone would have been totally pleased with the results (except for KK of course).

    I think too that FHM should have thought of the consequences of having someone as KK to represent them on the cover page. On normal shoots, I think it wouldn't matter too much for them to choose whoever they want because we don't know of their character. Because this game show was on national TV and we, audience, get to see how they behave, then it does matter a lot.

  3. Hi babe, yr entry certainly made us see the BIGGER picture and I agree wif u esp the part on Sonia (and what true friend shld do..) but unfortunately this is a competition thus the so-called 'friendship' is put into test. For some, probably they are not so experienced in the b*tchy circle (count it as a blessing that we need not :P) hence..

    Anyway, it will probably take a while for all these to subside or at least till the next FHM issue is out..LiFe is short, there's so much to accomplish in life and no point arguing on who's having real persona and who's not..

    Have a sweet & smooth flight! =)

  4. Anonymous11:05 am

    I would not agree with the part whereby Sherine should nt admit the annonymous person mentioned in her blog was not Kaykay.

    If she insisted it wasn't, she would prove as an utmost liar on national TV.

    By having said she did,as least it proves she's honest.
    The downside, she does not know how to handle girl fights..too simple for such scheming.

    Instead, she should have questioned kaykay how did she know she was speaking of her?Was she guilty of breast implants?Y is kaykay spying on her?Wat is kaykay's motive?

  5. Anonymous11:35 am

    Yes, I agree that Sherine could have done better. And if she had, the saga might have been even more entertaining? I speculate. :)

    I think that she was just really careless in this incident. Also maybe too inexperienced to throw back or carry off the sudden whip. And then got hurt and sore afterwards. However in her blog, I read parts where she stated that she regretted some of the things she did and apologised for being nasty to some of the contestants after getting to understand them better. If it was a sincere move, then I think she had learned a valuable lesson out of this.

    In terms of fault, truth or lies, fake or real, boobs or nose, rigged or not, everyone has their rights to make the decision they are in charge of. And truly everybody bitches to a certain extent (and I don't mean only the contestants), so there is no one person who should take the blame solely.


  6. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Wow i'm impress with most of you who've commented on this entry. objective, reasonable, and no attempts made to scold or insult the people involved. well done!

  7. Anonymous2:03 pm

    From KK twitter:

    "Karma will bite you in the ass. Just you wait. In the meantime, keep accumulating it. It's gonna hurt like a bitch anyway."

    Talking about Karma. LOL LOL LOL!
    Classic case of pot calling kettle black. When she said "keep accumulating it", is she talking about Holly accumulating comments about the show and her? just a guess.

  8. Anonymous4:24 pm


    Sophya Posted: Friday, May 29, 2009 12:48:36 PM

    Sure, KK did say that there was nothing wrong with plastic surgery.

    However, she also said that she has nothing against temporary stuff since they go away after a while, not like they are permanent decisions.

    Therefore, regardless of producers leaving out the footage whereby she admitted to having a boob job, her answer leads viewers to think that she has never gone under the knife before.

    Beating around the bush eh? Neither does it look so.

    I empathize with Sherine, Holly and other S Factor gals. Since they were contracted not to reveal anything about the show until it has been aired, it sure has been a long time that they had bottled up their thoughts.

    S Factor is just a cheapskate production, anyways. Just look at the atmosphere when the winner was crowned.

    And not forgetting how the production took a turn to stupidity in Episode 7 where Max first claimed that the contestant winning the first round (teaching the kids to make a paper boat) will get immunity but it was not fulfilled when Sherine received the highest score.

    The producers ought to think twice, too, when they said the show is about finding the ideal woman from a guy's point of view. C'mon, FHM-loving guys or not, fantasy or not, a character like KK's is really a far cry from being an "ideal" woman. Let alone THE one. Seriously I have no idea who the producers are trying to insult with such a program.

    By the way, it is weird to learn from another forum that the writer judge in the Blind Date episode is part of the production team, too. Would not be surprised if the other guy in the entertainment industry also knows some contestants personally enough to put them through regardless of their performances.

    If the show is not rigged, maybe KK should have been ousted in the Blind Date episode.

    A last note: Blame the producers for any and every fault. They know it. Otherwise they should not be defending the show now, should they?

  9. Anonymous5:56 pm

    I thought the finalists were given a card giving them an idea of what the next challenge is like. Maybe that's why KK knew. I don't understand why people have to keep harping on why she printed those papers. KK isn't dumb. She knew what Sherine was up to.

    As of now, I still think Sherine is not as simple and innocent as she looks from the things she did to her so-called friends.

    I don't get it why people forgive her. Maybe this is the price of fame. KK is famous that's why she's very much hated.

    I get your point about not defending Kris. But I guess it's just a difference of opinion. KK may not be your friend but I don't think you treat her as an enemy.

    Anyway, who said S Factor was a lousy show? Everyone's watching and talking about it. lol...

  10. I too think that Sherine isn't too bad a person. Everyone at some point of time lie to put themself in a better picture. Does everyone tell 100% truth during a job interview? I doubt so. Ditto here. She did tried to give "reasons" to cover up her lies which ended up sounding like silly excuses.

    IMO, a scheming person would be able to do better than her in "lying blatantly" and wouldn't have left any loop holes? It's a lil like office politics, the smart & scheming one make friends with you then stab you on your back unknowingly.

    With regards to KK, I think she did pretty well at it for some of the rounds but not all. She's smart in answering her questions but whether she used her intelligence to scheme her way around like manipulating others, I don't know. It does seems impossible that the production team wouldn't "give her a hand/boost" to gain the title? Maybe the production's intention was to make her popular from this show? Who knows?

    I do think that's she kinda bitchy though and seems like she can't stop cursing ppl on twitter ... hmmm.

    As for Kris she is very poor thing getting make fun of la. Most of them who aren't models were all not bitchy enough for this bitching competition I think. Ppl like Kris, Holly and Sherine ..

    Lastly, I think the competition wasn't fair at all in the first place so who gives a shit on who wins the title? Wrestling makes an all well rounded person? Ermm ..

  11. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Hey holly, I'm a huge fan! Do you happen to know jessica's blog by the way? ( if she has one)

  12. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Hi holly, ok this is totally irrelevent but is it painful to get that tattoo on your back? I want one too but I am scared cos I have a low threshold for pain!

  13. Two thumbs up for what you've written!!

    Ya i agree with you! Sherine can totally denied that she wrote about kaykay as there is no name mentioned in the blog post which i've read it yesterday! and even tho she's really talking about her and so what? that's her blog and she can write whatever she wants! that's a basic rules for all readers for any blogs!

    and seriously i hope kaykay read your post and face the wall and think about it!!

  14. Anonymous11:35 pm

    yes the show is rigged.
    when you elimated sonia during the debate thing, it was so rigged.
    they made the whole wrestling thing, and who decided the matchups and based on what, none was explained. so yes it's rigged.
    this show is like toilet humour, it's hard to imagine that a raw gem like you actually appeared on it. though i won't deny i had fun watching it.


  15. pissed off3:08 am

    Yes .. and her Twitter is damn annoying! Putting HJ down again... when HJ didn't even bitch about her.

    She's making herself to be like some bigger person, and HJ is those kind that cannot forget and move on.

    we want to discuss S factor here... why can't we?!

    Why need to say bad things about us simply because we are discussing whether the show is rig or not????

  16. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Hi Jean,

    I guess u're more suitable for SHAPE mag rather dan FHM. You hv an awesome healthy n fit bod. FHM portrays rather indecent pics of ladies and mostly known as BITCHES. You definitely dont suit tt kinda mag.

    U're awesome Jean!

  17. Anonymous12:30 am

    Well all tatoos are painful. People are just bull-shitting you when they say no pain one. Try poking yourself with a needle and you'll know how it feels.

    But a tatoo on Holly for example, is definitely not cheap considering the details and it most probably would be done in stages.

    Nonetheless, i think credits should still be given to the crew. Think about the efforts and time taken by the production crew to edit and film the show, no matter how shitty the show may prove to be. If you guys ever did video production you will know what i mean. Anyway guys, think we gonna move on and there isnt a need to comment on the show anymore. My humble opinions.

  18. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Don't agree at all with whatever you wrote. Why are you putting everyone in a bad light in this entry?

    [With regards to FHM- I think the producer pointed out that other girls in the competition(including myself) appeared in FHM previously as well. I don't know about the other girls... but my friend (Levan) sent my picture in for the FHM Girls Next Door competition last year. And that was it... I hardly exchanged one word with David F Lim... so it's hardly anything close to the rapport that Kay Kay has with him. ]

    What's the point of putting all these? It makes you sound a bit sour about the whole show.

  19. Maine3:03 am

    seriously, what are your points in this entry? Good or bad? Neutral?

    "Or would it perhaps be easier to just join in the bullying so as not to appear the prudish-odd-one-out that the whole group starts to dislike?"

    If you wanna act neutral, then find an excuse to walk away and stay out of it, nobody is asking you to join them or to defend anyone. What i dont understand was, why did you carry on sitting with them and listening to their mocking but on the other hand think to yourself that they are wrong? No one taught you how to walk away and stay out of business?

    "And it's ok if they bitch about Kris behind her back. But it's not acceptable if Sherine bitches about them behind their backs? "

    They dont like Kris and they didnt pretend that they do. I am sure Kris knew it herself. Whereas, sherine acted and even mentioned she likes everyone but behind those screens, she blog about how much she dislike them. Ever heard of 2 headed snake? Ya that pretty much sum up the issue.
    Too innocent to defend herself in a heated bitch fight, but capable of bitching behind people's back and act as though she didnt? Right...

    "Well, anyway... she did end up looking like she just cannot be trusted."
    So after saying Kaykay was at fault for certain things, you ended it with Sherine being wrong for certain things as well, so...your conclusion is? Both at fault? Then typed so much for what seh? To let your readers know that you're neutral? Or to announce that both of them are equally bad?

  20. Maine...

    S factor has ended, and many readers have commented on my blog abt KK and Sherine and whether or not they think the show was rigged.

    So I just gave my opinions. I said it like I saw it. My intention was not to bitch or defend or persecute anyone.

    AND PLEASE... ur seriously trying to say... tht their actions are justified.. just because they bullied Kris and ostracised her for no reason other than hating her face... that kind of behaviour is ok as long as you don't tell the person you like her and be civil towards her... and then bitch behind her back? I see both as wrong.. bitching behind someone's back... AND bullying them outright. both wrong... it's nothing about trying to "act neutral" or whatever you're accusing me of.

    you have some really warped form of justice and principles going on there.

  21. Anonymous11:59 am

    what's the point of allowing people to comment when you just want comments that agree with you?

    "you have some really warped form of justice and principles going on there."

    she said what she felt, and you say she's warped?

    If your intention was not to bitch, why is everyone portrayed rather negatively?
    surely they're not all like that in real life...

  22. well unfortunately, this show does indeed highlight the meagre 'quality' of local females in our sunny island.

    the purpose of this show totally confounds me. Yes it is light hearted and aimed in jest, perhaps just utter television decadence for folks who have nothing better to watch on the goggle box...however it only serves to portray the ample crass tts evident all around us.

    if these females are an accurate make up of the singaporean female sample population, god help the men.

    reality tv show or just plain goggle fodder, its a sad day for singaporeans.

  23. Anonymous7:53 pm


    I believe Holly never said Maine was warped, but that her sense of justice/principle was rather warped or strange. This is because Maine insinuated that just because Kris KNEW she was being bitched about/disliked/bullied, it was OKAY to continue the bitching/bullying about her in front of her.

    However, the bottom line (and Holly's POV) is that bitching/bullying is wrong REGARDLESS of whether its in front of the victim or behind her back.

    And I don't think there was anything wrong with Holly concluding that both KK and Sherrine could have been at fault in their dispute. As a viewer, I myself thought so likewise, and I don't have "readers" to "let them know I'm neutral" and I know NONE of the s factor girls personally. Hence, from an outsider pov, Holly's balanced opinion (keeping in mind what she knew, given the short amount of time they had together) was perfectly fine and reasonable.

  24. Maine3:10 am

    In the first place, did i mentioned that kaykay and the rest's actions were justified? Did i even said that Kaykay has the right to bitch because she anti someone.
    No, I didn't.
    You assumed so, simply because i didnt emphasis that they were wrong.

    What i was trying to put across was that kaykay and the rest are not pretentious, unlike Sherine. That's all. Kaykay and the rest bitched about people they dislike and they didnt hide. Nothing to be proud of, but as compared to Sherine?

    No doubt they all bitched, both are wrong, but you have to admit that someone did it on a lower basic human level. Or your way of justification is simply just Black & White? No inbetween?

    Like a thief is wrong cause he stole, a murderer is wrong cause he killed, means that the judge should sentence both of them to death since both are wrong?
    If so, then i respect that.

    ps. I didnt accused you of being neutral, my comment ended with a question mark...so it was a question. But if you were to be so senstive and assumed(again) that i see you as something else, then theres nothing i can do. =)

  25. Anonymous9:51 am

    Firstly your thief-murderer example is a false analogy, which is a fallacious argument, so I'll disregard that altogether.

    The difference as YOU highlighted was that kaykay etc. were willing to admit they bitched, but not sherine. Let me post you another analogy which may make more sense the a random thief-murderer comparison.

    1) Thief A stole something, admitted it that he stole it right away, but took off with it anyway.
    2) Thief B stole something, refused to admit it initially, eventually admitted it under pressure, and took off with it anyway.

    They both stole, regardless of circumstances, they are both in the wrong. One admitting it earlier than the other does not reduce the severity of their crime, from a moral pov.

    But I guess if your definition of "on a lower basic human level" meant "refusing to own up to it initially", then I guess you are right in this area. If that was the only point you were trying to make then that's fine.

    However, it bears note that Sherrine eventually apologised, but Kaykay etc never apologised to Kris, at least from what we saw. Perhaps "refusing to apologise for your mistakes" could be another definition of "on a lower basic human level" in your words.

  26. Anonymous4:46 pm

    i took a simpler view of things in this whole matter; regardless how things turn out, there will always be heated discussion and debates. This is probably the effect that Mediacorp wanted to achieve-a much talked about show, even if it was thrash. As such, everyone has an opinion about something. There are KK fans, and then there are anti-KK fans, and etc. In the end, know the environment that you make your comments. HJ chose to make her comments and opinions known in her OWN blog. She neither committed slender nor any other crime. As such, you can disagree with her, but i don't see the logic in being upset that she chose to make such comments. ITS HER BLOG, she started it, so she is entitled to her own comments. If anyone of us are unhappy, we can of course engage in constructive conversation; otherwise, get YOUR OWN BLOG

  27. Maine6:32 pm

    "However, it bears note that Sherrine eventually apologised, but Kaykay etc never apologised to Kris, at least from what we saw. Perhaps "refusing to apologise for your mistakes" could be another definition of "on a lower basic human level" in your words."

    One thing that i truly admire Kris about was during the last epi, she was asked on how she feels about the whole insult issue, she simply replied "Its ok, they are not my friends".
    That shown how graceful she is, or perhaps she wants she spare the messy confrontation.

    If Kris were to confront kaykay and the rest about their mockings, i don't know what would be the outcome. Whether did they refused to apologise, or did they missed out the apology on screen, i am not sure, and i wouldnt wanna assume.

    1) Unlike Kris, Kaykay and the rest thought they were friends with Sherine, till the day they read her blog. You know how it feels like to have friends bitching behind your back?

    2) Sherine denied writing such things at first by saying she don't remember, and "you can log on to my blog now if you want", 2nd denial. She wasnt trying to be frank.

    3) Only when kaykay took out the printscreens, did Sherine owned up to her doings, and apologised. (She could have denied it throughout,what i am guessing was that she panicked at the sight of having her writings revealed.Once again i dont wanna assume) But her apology was? "It was not done to hurt anyone". Perhaps a simple apology like "Im sorry" will do, instead everything she said seems like a defence for herself. If that passed as an apology, then perhaps different people have different level of acceptance. *shrugged*

  28. Maine6:43 pm

    " HJ chose to make her comments and opinions known in her OWN blog. She neither committed slender nor any other crime. As such, you can disagree with her, but i don't see the logic in being upset that she chose to make such comments. ITS HER BLOG, she started it, so she is entitled to her own comments. If anyone of us are unhappy, we can of course engage in constructive conversation; otherwise, get YOUR OWN BLOG"

    Your readers do enjoy assuming,ya?
    I have no idea if this Anonymous identity person was directing it at me, but if it was, then i guess you took it on the wrong side, as i wasnt even upset over what HJ wrote. You assume so, simply because i (or some of us) disagree to HJ's entry. Like HJ, im just stating my POV, and i wished to seek a further understanding from her with regards to the things she wrote, after all, this is her Comment box on her blog, where else can i ask her? Email her?

    So having a blog means i am entitled to write my own comments, so, anything is fine? Perhaps you made a point that Sherine was not wrong after all, since all the nasty things she mentioned was written on her own blog. But it seems to me that "Its my blog, i can write what i want" is a irresponsible way of handling things. But then again, to each her own. =)

  29. Maine6:47 pm

    Then again, (better clarify it here incase your readers assumed again) despite i do not agreed to all of what HJ said on that particular entry, i am still a return visitor and am still waiting for her to update. I do enjoy reading her blog and see her photos, just one entry that i didnt agreed to, doesnt means i dislike HJ. =)

  30. Anonymous9:08 pm

    So does kay kay have fake boobs or not???

  31. Anonymous10:09 pm

    If you had watched the show, you would have remembered that Sherine did say "I'm sorry" followed by something along the lines of "it wasnt meant to hurt you (kk/anyone)". Given, people accept different words as apologies, but in my opinion, it wasn't a defensive but a rather honest apology. Sometimes people say things that are mean and horrible in the heat of the moment or out of frustration and anger, not with the sole intent of hurting someone else.

    and anon - HAHA kaykay did admit that she has fake boobs, or at least boob surgery. haha.

  32. Mandy1:10 am

    Its Holly's blog, she can write whatever she wants. And same for Sherine.

    Kay kay wrote nasty stuff about Holly and esp sherine and kaykay's haters on her twitter. Will you say kaykay is wrong then?

    Holly and sherine has stop commenting about S factor, but Kaykay is still twittering away. And i do not think sheirne is totally wrong to deny initially, coz if I were forced to a corner, I would have denied it in the first place, esp when I am in shock that someone will stoop so low to do a print screen.

    She did apologise, and i see sincerity in that. If she is faking it, she wouldnt tell kay's dog she do not like her.

    And maine, can u pls dun go beating around the bush, to put holly down then when her readers stand up for her, you try defending urself by saying you like her and will read her blog. It sure looks like u are just another hypocrite.

  33. Anonymous10:42 am

    kay's dog!!! hahaha funny... but so true of mich

  34. Anonymous3:17 am

    holly, honestly, out of all the S factor contenstants, you are the smartest one. i think a lot of ppl have got the misconception that bitch = smart, cuz u are fierce, u are aggresive, n you "take a stand". not true at all. you are not neutral nor submissive but objective, that's how truly smart people think. im glad u didnt win S Factor, seriously if u did, it would have mean that you are just like one of those sluts.

  35. If only there are more Singaporean girls like you... perhaps I'll choose not to stay single. It didn't matter that you didn't win. You won...my heart... and many others I'm sure who has got better taste in woman. All the very best to you HJ

  36. Nicolette12:19 pm

    After reading this, I really felt that you really do have your standpoint, unlike what Kaykay said in the epi.

    I personally think that both Kaykay and Sonia had an equal chance of winning. And Kaykay won cos she really deserve it. Okay, both of them really deserve it.
    But I dont think that she's exceptionally safe. She's really witty and sexy. So in terms of 'S' factor, she won, though she is more of the 'B' factor.

    I dont think that Sonia teased Kris cos she's manipulated by the others. It seems like she's the one who started all this, not the rest. She was the one who started the 'puke in snake' and the 'Serious' thing before Kaykay and Michelle started laughing like crazy.

    So yeah. Sherine sort 'should be eliminated' long ago, cos she's really a hypocrite. Seeing how she behave in front of them, and blogging about them behind their backs. She admitted in the end, so Kaykay's presumption was right. If she continue denying, she might seem more 'fake' to those that know who she's blogging about, but not to anyone else.

    Anyway, good job. You really showed that you're not like the rest. You showed that you lead and not follow.

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