Yesterday, we took a little road trip up the Mountains... our destination was a town called Ronda.
It's a little fortress of a town in a big gorge/valley in the mountains. It's one of the loveliest historical towns of Andalucia, Southern Spain.
I was impressed with the stunning views and architecture.
But it's not a town for those afraid of heights...
Had some fairly decent paella and very cheap beers there.
But what I enjoyed most was the trip itself...
Ronda is between three natural parks: Sierra de las Nieves, Granzalema and Alcornocales.

It was an afternoon with great weather; clear sunny skies and cool breeze all day long.


We lazed around most of today... and tonight is our last night in Spain. We fly to London tomorrow morning. Sad to end one of the best legs of this trip.. but eager to start a new one too...


  1. Aw, thats so cute!!!
    And I was watching S Factor recently online and you were my fav contestant! so, GO U!!! ;p

  2. Anonymous10:27 am

    hey holly, so envious of ur trips! Im new to ur blog here, so what mission are you on? Trip ard the world? Ard europe? How many countries n days? Sounds awesome and... expensive!!!

  3. wish I could go to such a place... now that flying aint a problem with super low fares, spending money there would be a problem.

  4. Anonymous1:40 pm

    wow u so lucky , what an experience -post pics of london

  5. Anonymous2:52 pm

    how old is mark?

  6. kingkong4:28 pm

    NO PUN INTENDED so all of you heroes out there who always stand up for her, back off, I'm not here to flame.

    Personally, i think you are better at writing articles which express your thoughts/view on everything. Review on food, trips, sightseeing etc are plain dry and non fascinating.

    also, you never publish the toll on your readers demographic.

  7. I love travelling so I find her review on food and sights fascinating. Not interested to read about her travels then just move on to something else, man!

    Hey Holly, I like your last picture with Mark there. Check out that bod, *faint*

  8. Hi King Kong.. I'm not here to rival lonelyplanet or natgeo... I'm just updating my readers on wat I've been up to. Can't spend my whole trip infront of the comp! (even though I am singaporean... lol)

    So brief updates and pics will have to do for now.#

    what reader's demographics ? Is it the one I polled months ago? Sure I can dig up the results, but it was done for my own info. But of course if readers are interested in tht, i cld flash it on my blog in a post.

    will get back to writing my thoughts and stuff u prefer when I am back in SG and have less distractions. :)

  9. Anonymous1:42 am

    omg ..kk won s expected... waste of production time ..

  10. Anonymous7:06 pm

    can i ask why u didnt defend Kris when the girls were badmouthing her. and u acty said that u feel that kris is a nice person? it makes me feel that u just trying to portray yrself as a nice person in front of everyone? well, i just wanna say that u are pretty two-sided. no offence but yeah.

  11. Anonymous9:46 pm

    perhaps she did acknowledge that kris' pronunciation wasn't perfect (hence it was impossible to defend her pronunciation) but she saw no reason to bitch about it, like the other girls did? (nothing good to say - don't say!)

    how is that two sided (or two-faced you mean)?

  12. Anonymous10:50 pm

    she did say she didn't know kris well enough to defend her. and she didn't bitch about kris. so how's that two faced? (yea it's not two sided, dumbo)

  13. yes.. spot on anon 9.46 and anon 10.50. THanks very much for answering anon7.06. I appreciate your efforts and am amazed by your precision.. I cldn't have answered better myself :)

  14. Cassie3:11 am

    It's good that they didn't specify what S stands for cos we can clearly see it's nothing close to sophistication!

    Anyway, kudos for being mature and not getting sucked into their bimbotic politics!

  15. Anonymous8:54 pm

    hey! s factor behind-the-scene videos revealed that u should do more facials. HAHA! but yr skin looks pretty good on photos now. what did u use to improve yr skin within that year?

  16. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Hi holly!
    i like the wonderwoman inspired dress.
    do you have the link for it?

  17. anon12310:08 pm

    you should renounce your asian heritage and go though a "ethnic edification" process, migrating to the euro-bloc forever and ever. good riddance to people who worship the white and its ilk.

    you cant even enunciate your words properly on air, which virtually questions your credentials of being an "english teacher". why bother with singapore? your "english/spanish/moroccean/turkish" counterpart could introduce you to a sybaritic world of excess, languour and whatnot.

    thank goodness kay kay won. common sense, a good sense of worldliness and panache prevailed. it would be a debacle and a farce if holly jean prevailed. cheers Kay kay !

  18. anon123 is so sour. has to either be kk, xx or kk or xx. who else wud bother? hahahaha.

    by the way, big words do not equate common sense and logic.

    knowing the words, and knowing how to use the words in the proper context are TWO very DIFFERENT things.

    don't be such a show off, sometimes it backfires, and makes u look like a fool to those in the know.

  19. kingkong2:52 am

    don't get me wrong.. articles on travel/review doesn't sizzle up the mind. your normal writing are more thought provoking...perhaps your thoughts on the people you meet or fascinating thoughts that you encounter while traveling?

  20. anon12311:49 am

    > jazz
    nah sorry i dont have time to entertain plebeians like you.

    you have no IDEA what you're even alleging at. its like making this claim: man utd sucks because fergie has this distasteful arrogance about himself. get what i mean? you left school at ITE bishan? troll.

  21. anon123,

    just because my BF and I had just had a holiday in Spain ... doesn't make him Spanish...Turkish or whatever...

    Because I am Singaporean, does that mean I'm only allowed to holiday on Sentosa or Pulau Ubin in order not come across as living a life of excess???

    It was just a holiday for God's sake.... not a trip to outer space.

    Please, do keep your bumpkin logic to yourself.

  22. anon12310:51 pm

    jean>> you do not have to extol white values, do you? and im not even referring to your holidays/sabbaticals or whatever.

    im refering to your FYI posts, your seemingly incessant glorification of our white counterparts. with your constant allusion to the asian's lack of size, to the fact that we cant articulate our opinions clearly. its such an eyesore and an apoplectic experience scrolling through your blog.

    clearly, you havent met asian men of calibre, reasonable and matured, have you? its surreal how singaporean women these days renounce their traditions and opening embrace the white/spaniard/latino. just look at xiaxue, beatrice chia-richmond, Dr Cheryl Marie Cordeiro.

    god save asian values of thrift, fiscal prudence and piety. this is not an open display of "chauvinism", its an hackneyed expression to accuse men of everything they live for.

  23. Anonymous3:27 am

    WTF anon123?

  24. Anon123: granted. U'r a ROYAL fool den. watever rocks ur boat. so long as it makes u feel gd bout urself. hey at the very least, u'r not common like the rest of us. thats wat ur most concerned with aye?

    plebeians! HAH!


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