Olde England

Today started out quite foggy...
But it cleared up around mid day and it made our drive around the countryside very enchanting...

We were just wandering around villages off Eastbourne...Think I'd be happy living in a little English village, where I can set my dogs free in the fields, and just roam the moors every morning... in my pink wellingtons (which I have not been able to get yet)....Stopping by little brooks and creeks... and ended up at Alfriston, in one of the oldest villages of West Sussex.And having a drink at the local pub...I can't drink warm beer. Yuck.Then towards the end of the afternoon, the winds were less harsh... and I didn't need to wear my red fleece anymore. (thank god... otherwise all my pics I'll have the same outfit!) I think I can wear a tank top tomorrow... We went back on the motorway to get back to eastbourne..but I was hungry... so we stopped by a snack shop (right by the motorway! great!).. Cheese burger. Yum... We're no longer jet lagged... which is great. I can't fit everything back into my suitcase... which is not great. And tomorrow morning we fly off to Spain. Update you when we get there!


  1. Dear Holly Jean,

    I like this english village. It's so beautiful place. Enjoy your journey.

  2. Wow, you look as if you are having a wonderful time! Great for you! and i'm here working.....so unfair. But all the same, enjoy yourself at Spain!! Have a safe journey!

  3. Anonymous11:04 pm

    When you and your bf stop for the cheeseburger I noticed his hair looks much more gray. Is he stressing?!!

  4. the weather there seems soo much better dan here~ =X

    Spain is calling u holly!~ hah~ have fun! ^^

  5. lol.. anon11.04 - very funny.. tht's not my BF lah!


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