Oh No, It's Almost Over!

The last 3 weeks or so have been exceptionally busy for me. First with the jet lag, then meet-the-parents, and then flying off to Spain, and road trips, and now I'm in London. I've been finding it hard to find an hour where I can sit down and just blog. That is why (as many of you have pointed out already) my posts have become short, and less insightful, less opinionated than before.
I've just been in a flurry clearing emails (sorry to those I haven't found the time to reply to yet), and uploading pics of my whereabouts... everytime I have an internet connection and 20 minutes to spare.... which is difficult since i've been on the road most days.
Been in London 3 days now... staying at the Charlotte Street Hotel (which is just fabulous)... Bought this shirt dress at just 10pounds at Primark on Oxford st. Just found out from Mark's friend (who's in the Fashion biz) that white shoes are a no-no on women.. because it makes feet look big. If you have the time, Oxford Street is a great place to pick up cheap deals. And they also have more global brands like Zara etc, which you can get in Singapore. We've done the usual spots in this lively city

Their streets are buzzing with activity. And the weather past 3 days has been warm and sunny! The hottest days in England so far.
Plenty going on in the streets.
People start boozing up at the pubs many many hours before the start of any

We're going to drive out of London now and probably stop at an old english B&B for our last night in England.

A lot of things I want to share. My views on S-factor (thank you all for sharing your views so openly here), an easy paella recipe (hopefully it'll be as easy to follow as my last tapas recipe video), my relationship with Mark (this whole trip has been a great opportunity for us to see if we want to take it a step further),

To everyone in Singapore... I'll be home soon.


Meanwhile.. have you sent in your entry for the Watson's YOU AWARDS competition yet???? Closing date is 10 June!


  1. You make me miss London alot. Especially Primark. I go there like with excitement, and bought lots of stuffs there. Hope you enjoy yourself there.

  2. Anonymous10:49 pm

    wow... 10pound is so cheap for that outfits!

    Hope Primark comes to Singapore!!

  3. wow! nice white shirt dress u got there holly~! ^^
    naa...nvm the white shoe thingy? i find it matching perfectly? xD

    well see u back in Sg holly!~ till than...looking forward for ur "sharing section" with us holly!
    take care~! =)

    (ps. u look kinda of slpy/tired on the very 1st picture though x), take care holly~)

  4. Anonymous2:45 am

    what! i like the first pic best! maybe a LITTLE sleepy but also looking contented.

  5. I just chanced upon your blog, and I absolutely LOVE primark. I hope you had the chance to scour through the cutesy 5 pound tops and such.

  6. anon2:45 - no any form of offends~ ^^ i lik that look too..but just curious? n asking her to take care thats all~ peace~ xD


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