Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Prettiest Of Them All?

Women are their own worst enemies.
It's not as if all this is a new revelation to me... I've always known that women don't really like each other. Putting women together in one working or social environment (where there are other men around) is a recipe for disaster.

Sure, we can have best girl friends. I have 2. But the key to harmony is to take men out of the equation. I'm not attracted to the same men as my best girl friends. So there's no overlap... no competition. Of course, there are always other sources of competition (looks, bodies, careers?, etc)... but I'd say one of the biggest things women rival for is Men.

Women on women can be so harsh, and I marvel at what women will say about other women behind their backs. Hence the great draw of tabloids and gossip forums. A great majority of people who revel in gossip and rumours about other women are indeed women themselves.
It's plain Darwinism at its most basic- as soon as another woman gets elevated from the pack (perhaps she is seen to be prettier or more intelligent than the rest). The others slander her in an attempt to take her back down a peg. We want to put other women down to make ourselves feel better.

Have u ever felt the urge to smack a girls face for no other reason than perhaps you don't like the way she looks? Well... it's explained here- CLICK . But if you're too lazy to read all that, in summary- The study found that women of childbearing age rated other attractive women consistently lower than women who have entered menopause and men.
Oh we women are such insecure bitches aren't we.

One thing is certain, whatever the motives, we do ourselves a disservice by attacking one another. I tell myself I have my reasons, yet the truth is that you can never guarantee who is going to win me over or wind me up!
What do you think? If you're a woman, do you hate other women you're envious of?
And if you're a man... do you tend to hate other men who (for instance) have a great looking GF, or ultra expensive car etc?


  1. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Answering to your question:

    I'm a guy of course lol..
    Do i hate other men who have great looking gf/expensive cars?

    That depends :)
    If he shows off then yes i'll be pissed! hahaha..

    car wise if its his dad and he's showing it off as though he's that rich then yes i'll be pissed!

    if its his.. i got no problem with it.


  2. Anonymous12:31 am

    Great post!
    And so very true of women, I have to say.
    Women's nature, I guess?
    For me, I tend to 'ugh' at those who're showy. If a girl/lady is really pretty and sweet, what's there to hate? For the others (pretty but showy, not-so-pretty but showy), yeah sometimes I just wanna smack their faces. Hahaha, and I always think to myself, why the heck did God give them such pretty faces but ugly insides???

    Yeah, that's MY opinion. :)


  3. Hi holly!

    Well,i guess girls are pretty much insecure about themselves at a certain phase in life..

    I really feel disgusted at how some girls just want to bitch about or degrade someone more attractive to make themselves feel better..

    im a girl, i wouldn't hate the other gal who's better than me in what i can't do best. However, i can't deny that i'll be envy,but i can always just learn from her anyway..=)


  4. Lesbian Gal2:38 pm

    hello holly! thats human nature. thats all i have to say.

    but im a lesbian. im not jealous of other girls at all.

    but i am jealous of guys with very hot and sexy babes.

    i do not hate other girls cos of their looks or whatever.
    i like girls, cos im a lesbian.

    however, if there are some girls who despised lesbians, then yes, i'll hate them!!

  5. Hi Holly,
    Chanced upon yr blog while looking for Sfactor ep 7.

    A women's worst enemy is probably herself; her jealousy and insecurities. There will always be no end to comparisons, until a person is able to be content with herself and learn to accept what life throws to her. Live and let live!

    Btw, I enjoyed the s factor episodes, regardless of the criticisms out there. It is entertainment afterall. I thought it was fab that u brought the perspective that beauty does come with brains. And was rooting for u to be the final 2...yr appearance in the show was really quite shortlived.

    Interesting blog u have here (have u seen Xuesha's?!? that's bimbo personified-also found hers when looking for the episodes online)

    Have u thought abt signing up with FLY or some entertainment company? I thought u have a good chance at making it in the local entertainment scene.

    Anyhow, here's wishing u the best in ur professional and personal life!

    - From a fellow blogger (from the parenting category...)
    P.s. for someone who is only 28 y.o. u have a pretty 'old soul'

  6. hmm..great post!
    i think the girls who i bitch in the past are girls who i really dislike.I can't think of how i am jealous of them though...
    I admire girls who i am jealous of(eg, beauty ,success and intelligience)
    I reckon guys are more bitchy than girls...i came across some really bitchy guys in the past ...it's disgusting!:p


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