Marbella Spain

Neptune. Took the guy 1 week to sculpt this in the sand on the beach. Sardines cooked on hot coals.
Tiny! Great weather here.
Got this white dress for 15Euro. Pretty little shops and restaurants.

Tried all sorts of tapas here... I especially like pil pil which is a garlic prawn. I'll try to make it on my own later on and give u the recipe. Goat's Cheese sucks.

Alleys of the old town. This shop hand paints your photograph onto canvas in really cool Pop Art designs!

Sorry I've not been writing much over the last week or so... I've not had much down time. Hope that you've been enjoying the pictures... and I'll blog this afternoon (spanish time) when Mark and I have down time by the pool. *promise*

BTW- it's Mark's Birthday tmrw!


  1. Home maker4:48 pm

    Pls say Happy Birthday to Mark...and may you 2 spend more birthdays together...

    Home maker

  2. Anonymous5:26 pm

    hi gal..
    soory to bother u...
    do u have the link to last week's S factor..
    Miss it again...

  3. Anonymous8:47 pm

    I'm sure everyone like me enjoyed the pictures that you've shared! :)


  4. ohh tml? so how u planned the day for him holly? ^^

    yup~ sure am enjoying ur pictures holly! upload more ya~ thanks! =)

    happy bday mark!~ hope u 2 enjoyed the Special day together~!

  5. Farizan1:06 pm

    The sculpture of neptune is amazing.. put up more pics girl.. i am travelling vicariously through you. Put up pics of the cultural places there. i wanna see. :P make sure u come back in june. i want to meet u and mark. have a great time girl. love - farizan

  6. Love the white dress, it's beautiful. You look great in it!


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