I'm packing for Spain!

I'm so excited about going to Spain... I started packing today (It's just a couple of days away now!).
Of course, I travel with my pink ettusais luggage! Damn cute... and I can spot it as soon as it pops out on the luggage belt.
Note to self: I need to buy a new pair of flip flops!

And my skin care and make up bag. All ettusais products of course! :)

For skin care, I'm only bringing the basics: cleanser, softener moisturiser and eye zone essence... plus my emollient supplizer (which I call my Super Moisutriser!) because my skin will get dehydrated from all beach activities there.
I'm not bringing a lot of make up there just SPF protection (which is in my pre-make up base), lip balm and blusher for day time and eyeshawdow for nights out... but the number one essential item in my make up bag is my Daytime Defense powder extra from ettusais.

The very first ettusais product I purchased was the Day Protect Powder. I've always been buying refills for this marshmellow pink case.
And 5 fluffy years later... it has transformed From That.... to This!A Slimmer, more stylish silver case... even though the new case is much more compact, it holds the same amount of powder (6g).... and best of all, the Daytime Defense Powder is an improved formula which gives better coverage, it's longer lasting (keeps skin hydrated for up to 8 hours) because it contains ettusais' star skincare ingredient- AC control oil.
It's ultra gentle for sensitive skin because it's non-comedogenic and fragrance free. The powder particles are so fine that it gives you a soft, lightweight and fluffy finish. This new formula has the beaming design pearl which helps to reflect light and enhance the beauty of bare skin... so you get a naturally glowy finish.

The Daytime Defense Powder Extra comes in 3 shades - Lucent, Light Beige and Natural Beige. I'm using Natural Beige.

It's the perfect item for me.. as I don't want to look "made-up" .. nothing worse than cakey and uncomfortably thick make up on the beach! Yet it gives me sufficient coverage (reduces appearance of pores and blemishes!) and protection from harmful UV rays (SPF9 with PA++).

For daily protection and nautral coverage, just use it after pre-make up base. But if you want enhanced coverage, use it after liquid foundation.

And if you would like to keep your skin fresh and matt, you can try their new Sheer Matt powder. It's a clear skincare powder that has superb sebum absorption ability so skin does not become sticky and oily.

To get it re-filled, all you need to do is just detach the bottom bit. So easy, hygenic and economical.
Price: S$64 ( refill at $45)

For more information on the Daytime Defense Powder and Sheer Matt Powder, go to http://www.ettusais.sg/ or better still.. you can attend this fab ettusais make up workshop coming up.

Self Defense Workshop!

-Self defense for your skin: Beauty Talk and demostration of new Daytime Defense Powder EXTRA (This is the product I've just been raving about)
- Self defense class: Kickboxing by Active Red worth $35 (So cool!)
- Light Refreshments & Door Gift (Freebies!!!)

Date/ Time: 16th May 2009. 3pm -5 pm
Venue: Beauty Studio, 1 Grange Road Orchard Building #12-01
Reservation: Purchase a $20 fully redeemable Ettusais voucher.
More info: Click HERE

Call 6739 8697 or email Ettusais@shiseido.com.sg to RSVP

Ok I got to get back to packing!


  1. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Hi Holly,

    Have a safe and wonderful trip!! ;-)

    Do blog when u have the time and share with us beautiful pictures of Spain!

    You will definitely be missed but I'm also looking forward to your future posts on Spain!

    Take care

    Home Maker

  2. Anonymous7:22 pm

    hey Holly! i tot Spain's 1 of the Swine Flu affected area...& u're goin there? u'll gt quarantined once u touched dwn S'pore ryt?

  3. Anonymous11:53 pm

    you're bringing way too much.
    always remember. travel light- come back heavy.
    six shoes!!?

  4. Anonymous7:12 am

    Yes. I also thought was too many shoes when I was seeing the pictures.

  5. actually, there are 7 pairs... plus flip flops- then 8. lol

    But I def need the gym shoes, I can't Not go to the gym for the whole of May. I'll be a fatty.

    And 2 pairs of heels, one in gold and one in black.. cant wear same pair of shoes for every single party dress.

    might cut out one pair of casual shoes. ANd one pair of boots.


  6. shingles12:44 pm

    which part of spain u goin?

  7. Anonymous4:40 am

    hi holly i'm a singaporean in europe! you wouldn't need boots here already! it's spring :)

  8. :) yeah but my boots go with certain outfits I want to wear. LOL. cutting down on the brown one, just bringing black ones.

  9. is your boyfriend spanish?

  10. nope. He's Jewish :D

  11. Anonymous12:25 pm

    circumscised ? you like bettr ?

  12. actually... yes. Yes!


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