I Want A Tighter Ass

My old Nike trainers broke last weekend. So this week I got new Adidas ones (Thank you Daddy!).
Wore them to the gym the first time yesterday and I love them! So comfy and best of all... CLEAN.

I may not be the neatest person I know (in fact I can be quite a sweep-dirt-under-the-carpet type of person).... but there are a few things with regards to cleanliness that I'm obsessive about. I think the soles of my old Nike's peeled off because I kept putting them in the washing machine and tumble dryer... ( I can't clean them with my bare hands if they are muddy... yuck).

I HATE soil and MUD and grass. So I cannot stand having them on the soles of my shoes. I'm also particular about glasses I drink from, and the ice (sometimes i feel that ice isn't clean). Other than that, I'm a fully functioning normal person! I swear. haha. (come on, we all have our quirks).
I need to work on my thighs and ass. But I keep working the top of my thighs more than the back of my thighs. Any ideas how to work the ass and back of thighs effectively? BUT NOT CARDIO based exercises (like an hour on the stepper!!!).... so bloody boring... I won't be able to stick to it!


  1. Anonymous1:41 pm

    leg curls! Some machines have u face down and place a load on the back of ur ankle. Then all you have to do is curl ur leg up against the resistance.

  2. check out these tips:


    now i noe we can throw our shoes into the washing machine lol. that's something new.

  3. YUp... i do the leg curl machine at the gym... any others????

    wayangtimes- Thanks for the link

  4. Anonymous6:21 pm

    squats w/o weights are just as effective.you can perform it at home too ,just stand with your legs shoulder width apart with both hands by your side(or you can raise them at shoulder level) and then bend your knees at 90 degrees, hold your back back straight, hold for a few seconds and make sure you feel some tightness on your ass muscles and hamstrings(back thigh)that means you are really working out your ass too not just the thighs. see if u can last 3 sets of 12 reps. more reps will define muscle tone less reps with more sets(like 6sets of 6-8reps) means strength building.but i think your butt looks fine wat. regular jogging and walking oso helps.it's hard to enjoy the excercises if u keep thinking whether your butt has made any definitive progress.it's hard to see the results by constantly looking at yerself in the mirror.so just enjoy your workout and overtime,yer bf/gfrens will spot the difference in you.good luck

  5. Anonymous6:24 pm

    hi holly
    r u french chinese ?

  6. tightass?8:52 pm

    why tightass?
    you should have tightpussy and tightanal

  7. Anonymous9:46 pm

    but u need to watch it - can spread quick once ya get near 30 ! Get your b/f to spank you VERY HARD - helps break up the fat under the surface - if he won"t do it let me know !

  8. anon 6.21 .. yeah squats are a great idea. I used to know a guy who was a wake boarder.. n part of his training was a gazillion squats.. and his ass was TIGHT.

    Maybe I'll work it into my regime.

    anon 6.24 - no I'm not. I'm Eurasian. Portuguese and Chinese descent.

    anon8.52 - there's a wonderful exercise for tht called the Kegel's. as for tight anal.. my advice is.. don't do things tht will make it lose in the first place! :P

    anon 9.46 - yeah I know.... got to work on it even before it starts to spread. when i was a teenager... i was scrawny and then when I hit adulthood (the 20s) I started putting on weight.

    Now I'm about 5 to 8 Kgs heavier than when I was a teenager and it's practically impossible for me to lose it and go back to my weight when I was like 18yrs.(EVEN 1 KG is a struggle to lose and i put it back on in no time)

    So I am on a mission to maintain... (and also get tighter ass before it's too late and no amount of work will help!) :)

  9. Anonymous11:15 pm

    At the top of the range motion, try squeezing your ass ... literally. Push your ass in to a point your crotch area moves forward slightly.

    I usually imagine my ass getting tight, hold it and release, and go down with the weights again.

    Works for me :)

    Oooh ya, the breathing is impt too.

    Good luck!

    uncle sha

  10. Uncle Sha,
    top of the range of motion? For what exercise? Squats?

    do squats with weights? how heavy? I've done squats with the lighter dumbells before and felt like the additional weight didn't make a difference, was much better to just keep my arms out, parallel to the floor.

    any advice is greatly appreciated

  11. play squash! it works for me :D

  12. Anonymous2:45 am

    are you really still heading to spain?? it's a swine flu affected area now!!

  13. Anonymous5:13 pm

    hi holly

    no point watching s factor tomorrow since u are out.sian ah

  14. Anonymous5:28 pm

    I have one way to make it better :)
    Date me :)
    Joking.. or not.. hmm..
    Think the advice above are good enough :)

  15. Anonymous6:05 pm

    hi holly

    must say u looked very different with make up or w/o make up.u looked more like a chinese w/o any make up.

  16. Anonymous6:27 pm

    hi holly

    any hot hollywood actors or any other male stars u favor?

  17. e-leen- hmm.. i'll pass on racket and ball games...

    anon2.45- yes. don't worry I'll be ok.

    anon5.13 - i think you should still watch it! entertaining to see how things pan out.

    Al- No thanks, sounds like you're the kind tht makes the girl do all the work! hahah (am v. happy in tht department now, so I'll have to pass.)

    anon6.05- is it? yeah I think i look diff with and without make up. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any point to make up ! lol :P but yeah maybe look more chinese without make up.

    anon6.27 - odd Qn. why? I do like leonardo dicaprio (since i was like 16)... and Robert downey Jr... Benicio del torro and matthew mcconaughey (dunnoe how to spell) and Al pacino is also a favourite of mine. never been the brad pitt or George cloony type of girl.

  18. hmmmmm the comments are coming in fast and furious...

    1. Squats. Not just squats but those kind that you cant even walk str8 after finishing the workout. There are many kinds of squats too.
    2. Cycle
    3. Stairs
    4. 'Superman' exercises
    5. Sprinting
    6. Rubbing off excessive cellulite at hamstring area
    haha all said i would love to see you actually carrying out the exercises.

  19. Anonymous1:56 am


    No i'm not that guy that make girls do all the work :)
    I make them do the work and then i help them :)


  20. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Well generally ... squats , leg curls are ok ... but basically there is non specific muscle exercise grouping .. ie. no exercise which will effect a specific muscle group. Start with cardio and goto the squats and the curls ... make it a complete workout .


  21. Anonymous2:31 am

    Hmm she's gone quiet on this post

  22. I'm still here.

    still digesting information though :D

    plenty of helpful emails too (thanks everyone!).

    some conflicting information though... had email from someone who is a PT and he mentioned tht squats build mass (with or without weights)... and will thcken the midsection??! I'm seriously thinking of cutting squats out of my routine.

    went to the gym today but didn't do any more squats (the one with the weights on the smith machine).

    found out tht this gym had a glut/hamstring type machines.. did tht and the side of my ass hurt! Will def do more of those... will note what it's called next time (yes I can be quite a ditz).

    will prob try every little bit suggested out in the next week or so.. and then work on a Butt post (most prob from some gym in Spain!) Hope i have the discipline to go to a gym while I'm there.

  23. I had a friend who was working on tightening her butt. She started on 20 squats per set, 3 sets, 3 times a week. Its called a prisoner squat (you can google for it).

    After she felt them getting easier to do. She did it with dumbells. The trick is to do go down slowly and go up fast. A good rule of thumb is five seconds to go down and one sec to stand up. This ensures toning. If the exercise is done slowly both ways, then bulk is built.

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  25. hmmm depends on what you like. for me i would prefer to see a lady with some 'thicken' mid-section then see a BIRD-legged kinda skinny tone. get what i mean?
    you can prob work on ur posture, and other parts as well like ur back to improve the overalls.
    well the glut/hamstring machine works for me too. it's all abt contracting (tighening) the muscles XD

    work on a Butt post (most prob from some gym in Spain!) <-- yea gd idea. include some photos!

  26. Ashtanga Vinyasa12:27 pm

    squats build mass but this depends significantly on the intensity (amt of weights and reps). As a rule of thumb for most exercises, moderate to heavy weights, sufficient to fatigue within 6-8 repetitions per set, help to build muscular strength aka thunder thighs in this case akin to those of sprinters. On the other hand, light to moderate weights, sufficient to fatigue within 12-20 reps per set, help in building up muscular endurance and tone the areas you are targeting.
    Posture is of utmost importance when doing squats (which may help to explain why you felt you were working your quadriceps more than your glutes and hamstrings)
    You may want to try doing squats on a bosu ball w/o weights first. This will help to fire up the muscles around ur butt and your core muscles.
    Lunges can also help =)
    Round off all these exercises which you have planned with an aerobic type activity (30 - 60mins) to burn up the remaining fats eg jogging.
    one impt thing to take note in fitness is that there is NO such thing as spot reduction. What we have right now depends a lot on our genetics. Hope this helps !!

    btw i seem to recall you look skinnier in jc, not that i'm implying you're overweight right now....

  27. ok spank-a-lot gonna look up prisoner squats.

    ashtanga- thnx for the tips. and yeah... I was skinnier in JC., though tht weight wld be impossible for me to reach now. I was like just 40Kg.. and yet same height as now, 1.65m. ugly Boney.

    though I would like to weigh 45Kgs. dunnoe if it's possible. Am 48 to 50kg now.. always fluctuating in tht zone. damn it.

  28. Anonymous12:42 pm

    sou i finish up with aerobic activity??? I've always been starting with aerobic activity... then do weights/squats etc. then go have lunch :D

  29. ashtanga Vinyasa1:05 pm

    wow...u sure reply fast.. looks like i'm not the only one who's the FB/internet police. hah~
    40kg is like.... ANOREXIC !!!!! jeezz...

    and anony 12.42 - yes you should start your work out with weights/squats first. Reason being you want to have the energy to perform these exercises in the correct form and posture. (remember to warm up first with some light jogging 2-3mins, to get the heart rate up)
    finish off everything with your aerobic activity...and watch what you eat for lunch !! =)

  30. Anonymous10:48 pm

    Hey Holly! How did you get that kind of stomach?
    I have a slim figure except that i need to tuck in my stomach..HAHA!

    Can you give me some tips...
    maybe besides doing sit ups.
    :) Thanks...

    Miss Be


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