How To Make Spanish Tapas

The food here in Spain is fantastic! They have many nice restaurants but I love the street food best.I love cold beer and tapas! And my favourite for the moment is Gambas Al Pil Pil. Sizzling Garlic prawns in extra virgin olive oil.
Gambas means prawns and Pil Pil is a sauce formed by the emulsion of the prawn juices and olive oil. And even though my last attempt at Foie Gras (my favourite food!).. failed miserably... I thought I'd try to make this tapas dish anyway.
So we popped into the supermarket yesterday.. to get fresh prawns...
I wore my Wonderwoman inspired out fit (kindly sponsored by ! And my pink flat espadrilles were 5euro from the street market in Puerto Banus. Also stopped to get a mini cake for Mark's Birthday (today!). Having his birthday dinner tonight at this old manor turned restaurant here... I'm excited! (update you with pics, etc later on)

Got home, made the pil pil ... bosh bosh bosh.... and ... Success!!!

Watch this for my easy to follow recipe for Prawns Pil Pil.


  1. Enigmaysl8:58 pm

    Hi Holly,

    Spain is fantastic ain't it and tapas is absolutely delicious... I love the food and of course the natural landscape. Have a fabulous time with you beau today, in the nice hot and sunny Spain. France (where I am at now is oh so cold still). Looking forward to going back to l'Ametlla de Mar in June

    cheers! :)

  2. Anonymous10:23 am

    holly, u look great but sorry annyee, the outfit is fuG!! looks thin and cheap! loved the white dress u bought for 15 euro in the previous post though. the false eyelashes are so kaykay.

  3. hi anon 10.23- the annyee outfit is fucking Ugly?? It's actually my fav outfit of the moment!! haha...

    Enigmaysl- which country are u in now?

  4. Yeah, the annyee outfit is ugly. Errr... does Mark like it??

  5. Anonymous11:14 pm

    The outfit is cute Holly!

  6. Anonymous3:42 am


    tell us more about what you said you were intending to tell us about s factor when the relative episodes are released!

  7. Anonymous11:28 pm

    sorry hun, i like you but that dress is super skanky!

  8. Enigmaysl11:41 am

    Hi Holly,

    I was in France and went through the whole moving episode like you did and u were absolutely right. Just wanna get things settles down asap. Back in Singy before going to Spain mid June :) Thanks for the add on FB!

  9. Anonymous8:32 pm

    hey there!
    i like the dress!
    whats the link of the dress?


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