Glorious Sunshiney Days

After having spent 4 days in England 2 weeks ago (the breeze was so cold and sharp... it actually felt like sandpaper rubbing on my face!) ... the sunshine and warmth of the Spanish Spring is very much appreciated. The skies are blue and the sun shines until 9 plus pm here!

We practically do everything outdoors. And I'm on the beach most afternoons. Even the gym where we spend almost every morning is partially outdoors. I do love the sun. But I just don't like having a sweaty oily face because of it.
I don't have oily skin so I haven't got the habit of blotting or repeatedly powdering my face. So.. being out all day in the sun here ... makes this Medicated Acne T-Zone Oil Block Gel a must have.
I just squirt on a tiny bit over my T-zone area. And I'm done! It prevents shiny and oily skin (throughout the day!) as well as pimples. It's supposed to be used at the end of the usual skincare routine. Apply a small amount to the t-zone area before applying makeup... or what I do is pat it on after using my sunscreen... and out I go. It keeps my skin matte and smooth.

You can Click Here to find out more about this product. (Price: S$37)

Just before I left Singapore, ettusais provided me with some new products to try out while on holiday. (This includes some new fab summer eye and nail colours!!! But I'll share that in a later post).


  1. Anonymous2:08 am

    Hi Holly how do u take care of your feet? you do so much walking i am just curious

  2. Anonymous2:06 am

    hey holly, i commented on yr pil pil recipe few days ago, finally tried making it today and it's delish & so EASY to do. if you've got the time, pls do share more of such recipes that amateur cooks like myself can use to impress the bf!

    i caught tonight's s factor as well. i think ... you're too fair-minded and intelligent for a show that gets its viewership by putting up for show the worser side of human nature. makes for entertaining tv la, but i'm kinda glad u didn 'win' ;)


  3. Anonymous2:05 pm

    i totally agree with j. I'm glad you didn't win, because you're really not the type of girl that the producers/fhm is looking for. Your personality is not the i-am-unafraid-to-be-bitchy-cos-thats-my-personality-and-that-makes-it-good type, so just as well that you didn't win!
    You're really above that.

  4. anon2.08- I dont actually do an extraordinary amount of walking.. and i dont do anything special to me feet. hw do u know if they look good or not anyway? lol Have I shown it on my blog?? didn;t notice.

    J- yes! delicious ! Glad u tried it out. Will share more tapas recipes soon.

    anon 2.05 pm- oh well.. it was a great experience, Sfactor, and has doubled my blog readership since.. so I'm not complaining.


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