Free Body Massage

My dear readers,
Want a free 30 minute massage? I have 3 to give away.

Just email me [Include your name and mailing address].

Worth $80. Valid until 31st August. Only for Ladies.

At Body Wellness.
(There are outlets at city hall, tanjong pagar and somerset)

When the 3 slots are taken up (don't email me), I will say so here -> NOT AVAILABLE

sorry all 3 snapped up already. will reply to the first 3 emails now. thanks for your quick response.. It's only 11.23pm now! Took less than 10 mins.


  1. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Hey, how is living with Mark? Moving in with a boyfriend is a big thing isn't it, was hoping to find out how adjusting to it has been. How do you handle having alone time? Who cooks? Do you feel suffocated? Boyfriend and I have been thinking of moving in together, but i'm essentially freaked out about the idea. I am hoping your experience would be enlightening.

  2. ups and downs.. but mostly ups :)

    we have distinct roles... which we enjoy.. like i love cooking and like chores like mopping and ironing. But i hate making the bed and doing dishes (so he does those). we naturally don't fight when it comes to Roles we play as a couple... so I guess tht's easy.

    And we're both Larks... meaning go to bed early and rise early... we're up at 7 plus usually.. and we go to bed (abt midnite) and wake up together. so tht also makes life more harmonious for us.

    will do a post about it soon.


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