For He's A Jolly Good Fellow :)

Yesterday was Mark's Birthday.
We started out bright an early... with a beach front walk all the way from Puerto Banus to Marbella. Usually ten minutes by car.. but the walk took us 2 hours.
It's a great walk to do on a crisp morning... (in comfy clothes and shoes).... And little pit stops along the way to have ice cream ( There's Hello Kitty Ice cream here!).
Checked out the Neptune sand sculpture again along the way, and it now has colour... And then when we finally got to Marbella, we had lunch. Tapas again of course. Yum! And Paella... double yum! Think that's the next thing I'm going to try to cook. (Though I think it needs a special rice, because I tried to make it many years ago, with our normal rice, and it turned out mushy).Chorizo (sausages)Pipping hot Gambas Al Pil Pil ... Best one I tasted so far (aside from my own of course!)
Then we took the public bus back to Puerto Banus. Overall, quite painless.
After a short rest.. it was time for his little birthday cake and wish. :)

We made dinner reservations at Finca Besaya for 9pm. So damn late. Poor me... so hungry. Yet the Spanish don't have dinner until 10plus, so we were damn early by Spanish standards.Finca Besaya is a beautiful little restaurant up in the hills, it's part of a vineyard. The Birthday Boy. When it ccomes to menus, I'm so predictable. Mark practically picked out what I wanted to have... spot on.Foie gras... and grilled lamb... (droolicious)
Their Creme Brulee was rubbish though.

Mark had some cheesy thing for starter and a chickeny main. (I can't help it... I don't pay much attention to his food when I'm greedily eating my own)His dessert was a superb apple crumble though. I shared his because mine was so shit.
To Mark when he reads this- Even though the Spanish days are super long, I think your special day went far too quickly, and I wish we could have done more. But there'll be many more birthdays to come, and even more experiences together on this wonderful journey called life. I Love you.


  1. happy belated birthday mark~! =P

    hmmm...nice dress u got for dinner holly!~ The atmosphere of the resturant looks so nice~
    ya...its always like this, good times just always seems to pass so quickly ya? wonder why myself too~ =(

    wow the sand sculpture is nice..and with colours too~ woo! Are they having a contest or smth like that?

  2. i am so happy for both of you! and it seemed to be quite a relaxing and romantic birthday celebration, from the look of those photos!

    nothing can go wrong with an apple crumble... unless it's realllly shit. ;p

  3. celestina8:27 am

    ooohhh...luv luv : )such nice & sweet confession to Mark.

    Wish I could love & 2b loved ..

  4. you need arborio rice to make paella.

  5. thnx for tht. wld I be able to get this arborio rice back in Sg? (any idea?)

    Don't think I'll buy any here to bring back lol.. bags are over weight as it is!

  6. Anonymous9:15 pm

    You look like ure hving a good time. Bring me along!:D

  7. Anonymous7:10 pm

    haha.. Some of the pics esp da ice cream shots, like act cute huh... :p

  8. Anonymous2:36 am

    i think they have alr decide the winner since the early stage. i think you should win S factor! srsly. (:


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