Clothes and Make Up!! Again!

Big thank you to Jerry from for making the effort to speed courier my sponsored wardrobe to me in time for my holiday. I got the package today!
Pretty stuff! Show you clearer pics of the outfits soon. They're in the process of revamping the website... will update you once new stock and the new website is up!
The fab people at ettusais also gave me some new cosmetics in super fun summer colours (from their new Summer Collection coming up!). Will reveal and review them when I use them on the beach in Spain. It's great that I can take my job with me wherever I go...

I was looking for a stylish denim jacket... cos it's still chilly in London... but could not find one. I'm out of time!!! Looks like I have to dig into my wardrobe and make do. :(
AND... (damn it!) you know the $5 bag I got from the charity fun fair last week... the faux leather has started to peel... only a little bit, but am having second thoughts abt taking it with me (since I'm only planning to bring ONE bag). Or maybe I will use it there, and then chuck it when it's time to come home...


  1. you're a lucky girl to have such life!

    Let us know if you can endorse accessories sponsor by mimiboutique

    do drop by take a look!

  2. I love the leopard skin tube - ahhhhh!


  3. Anonymous9:23 pm

    yes! I like that leopard dress too! Hawt!


  4. Dee and anon 9.23 - thnx.. i love it too. BUT rather butt clinging bottom part... not great for big bums. BUT actually I like the red stripe one best!

    plainest looking of the lot.. but quite a cute outfit when worn with a black beret and a pout (lol). Might wear to airport.. or to Mark's parents house (1st visit). :)

    mimiboutique- thanks for the offer, I will take a look at your site and will contact you if I want to endorse your products. THanks.


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