Britain Britain Britain

Considering we hardly had any sleep for the last 36 hours, we did quite a lot yesterday. Met his family ... and I like all of them. A lot. So that's one less worry for me :)

(Thanks to for sponsoring this cute outfit... wore it to meet his folks)

Pity I didn't take any photos of his family... I was too preoccupied with not screwing up. lol. serious. My tummy was doing somersaults when we were driving to his parents house!

Mark had to pop into the shop to get me bottled water... Even though it's clean here, I'm afraid to drink from the taps. Yes, I am annoying like that.I waited outside the store and thought it would be a great idea to snap a pic of Mark by surprise when he stepped out. BUT like an idiot, I snapped this geezer instead! haha. (ahh..That's My Mark!)

After his parent's place (for lunch), we picked his niece up from school and popped into his Sister's place for a quick tea.
Then we had a quick pizza dinner and headed back to the hotel to rest. But stopped for a quick snooker lesson before going back to our room.
Today... after a good 7 plus hours of sleep, we were feeling much better. Yummy breakfast. Mine was yummy sausages and eggs, while Mark's was muesli and yoghurt. Some call it a healthy breakfast..I call it Vomit Inducer. Always sausages and eggs for me. Yum!
Then after breakfast... had to work it off at the gym... wasn't in the mood to have a proper workout though.. was too excited about shopping in Brighton later. Driving through Eastbourne... to Brighton... was beautiful. Nothing but green hills, fresh (but too damn cold) air, and animals.
The cliffs in the background, our hotel on the right side of the pic.I love our hotel (The Grand Hotel), it's pretty. That's Mark pointing to our room.Managed to buy a few pink things. Hopefully we can do more shopping in London (That's after Spain) :) I got to go nap now... dinner with his family tonight.


  1. NICE views! seriously!
    the eggs from ur breakfast are soo nicely done~ beautiful!

    n the pic on that geezer..really made me paused & laughed~ haha!

    glad things went well with Mark's family~ ^^ grats holly~!

    Shopping spree at London ya?! hav fun!~

  2. Heeeys Holly

    Been ages since I dropped by and so many updates to catch up on :) In the UK now??? Awesome :) Tell me about the cold crisp air hehehe...

    Which part of Spain are you going to? I am gonna bet you will love it there :)

    Looking forward to more updates! When will you be in London? If all goes well, I'll be there from June 12th onwards. Take care babe and all the very best with you & Mark!

  3. Anonymous10:20 am

    Hi Holly,
    You look awesome in the red/white stripe & black combi outfit, plus the beret & pigtail compliment the dress alot!!!

    Please do a post on how you keep fit and slender. What's your fitness and regimen like? You must be really discipline to go to gym after the long flight...kudos to your perserverence!!!

    Home maker

  4. Hi Holly!

    I'm really happy for you that things went well with Mark's family.

    Your post was really interesting, and i can read your excitement from it! You made me excited too, and also, i'm really looking forward to more posts regarding your trip!

    At the meantime, have more fun and enjoy!


  5. Anonymous11:36 am

    Nice! So nice to see you have fun there! :D

  6. :) hello all.. thanks for all the well wishes

  7. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Brighton is a lovely place to visit and see - crisp breeze and great coastline.

    Try to get over the tap water phobia. The UK isn't Africa - the UK water supply is one of the cleanest in the world, and much cleaner than that in Singapore, with higher chlorine and floride levels. Also, it just makes you look like Paris Hilton, and like the sort of Singaporean who thinks everywhere else is dirty.

  8. Beautiful! I mean the place lol.

  9. Anonymous7:32 pm

    are you a mixed blood?

  10. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Wow! Have fun! :)


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